The Goal Of Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a wonderful technique for note-taking, visualizing information, problem-solving, brainstorming, and generating ideas (creativity).  One thing is very …

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Do Mind Maps Work for Students?

You may have heard about mind mapping. You might wonder, do mind maps work for students? Let’s find out in this article

Creating Clarity Using Visuals

creating clarity

Creating clarity is not hard. It does take a little bit of time, effort and knowledge. Doing it will make your life a lot easier once you do this.

Is is almost like the two men who went into the woods to cut down a tree. The first one started chopping like crazy and wasn’t making a lot of progress.

The other person took his time to sharpen his axe. It took him a long time. But the moment he was ready he started chopping a tree as well. In a fraction of the time of the other person, he had the tree down. The other person was still busy…

The moral, well you could say that the more time you spend getting the right tools, and not just getting started like crazy, you may end up in a far better position in the end.

And that is what I do for and with people.

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The Mind Map Evernote Possibilities

It is important that you know that you can create a Mind map Evernote note as well. Evernote is basically a suite of software and services designed for note-taking and archiving. But more than that it’s also a good mind mapping alternative you can use today.

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment or platform. Make this information accessible and searchable anytime and anywhere. More importantly, it’s fun and exciting to use!

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Mind Mapping With Children Is FUN And Easy!

mind mapping with childrenHaven’t you heard that mind mapping with children is an excellent way to spark creativity from the young ones?!

If you want to help your kids express their creativity while teaching them at the same time to effectively organize their thoughts and ideas then mind mapping with children is the best solution for them and you. Not only is mind mapping a good way to help them explore their creativity but it’s an excellent way to help your kids realize that studying can be fun and enjoyable.

In this article we will take a look at some mind map examples for kids and learn simple ways to mind map like Tony Buzan does.

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How To Do A Mind Map In Powerpoint

how to do a mind map in powerpointOkay, so you’re more familiar with PowerPoint but don’t you know that you can teach yourself how to do a mind map in PowerPoint?

Mind mapping is so flexible that you can even use or make one in various different formats. One of which is in a PowerPoint format. So how to make a mind map in PowerPoint you might ask?

We will discuss the different aspects involved in how to do mind map in PowerPoint. So read along and learn more ways to improve your mind mapping skills.

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Lies About The Advantages Of Mind Mapping

advantages of mind mappingWhen you should believe some people, the advantages of mind mapping are huge. It would almost sound like that mind mapping is the cure for every information related problems and probably all other problems in the world as well. In this article I want to give you insight in the real advantages and educate you on the things you may hear which are not entirely true. By the way, when you want to learn more on mind mapping, have a look here.

Most Advantages of Mind Mapping Are Exaggerated

Depending on how much you know about mind mapping and how much time you spend with the ‘true’ hard-core mind map followers, you may have heard that the mind map:

  • is the one thing that can handle all your information management needs
  • helps you to remember much more in a fraction of the time
  • is really easy to use and is practically created by itself

Although these 3 statements are in some form true, they are making things better and bigger than they really are. I would like to discuss these with you and give you real life thoughts that actually make sense.

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Showdown: Paper Mindmaps vs Computer mindmaps

I’ve seen so many discussions online about which mindmap is better, the one on paper or on a computer. I write for real people who want to use mindmaps, not for big corporations who need to read everything extremely business-like. That’s why I want to allow myself to write this article in a different style.
I organized a little showdown for you. Below is a short article on a match between a computer map and a paper mindmap.

After all, we are trying to become more visual thinkers, right? Just let your imagination run wild as we watch the match.



Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the match of the year.


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