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Meet 49 Amazing Mind Mapping Experts From Around The World

meet the mind mapping expertsBelow is a list of mind mapping experts. This is not just a list of mind mapping experts, experts using mind maps and people who are helping others in visualizing their information, thoughts and ideas. This is also a resource that you can use to contact people and help you be even more inspired to use mind maps.

In this list, I present to you mind mapping experts from around the world. The list itself shows you them by continent.

I probably missed a number of experts who should be on it (but let me know if there are others whom you think should be on the list)

I added them almost randomly. The list is not created in such a way that the best ones are at the top and the least at the bottom.

Know that these are all skilled people. They probably don’t mind if you contact them (of course you can tell them I introduced them to you).

How you benefit from this list

You can contact them. I am sure they won’t mind. Follow them on twitter. Have a look at their websites. Ask them questions. I created this list so you can see who can help you become a better mind mapper.

Here we go, the mind mapping experts list.

Mind Mapping Experts From North America

Name: Wallace Tait

Wallace Tait

Location: Ontaria, Canada

Twitter: @visualmapper (500+ followers)

Website: http://visualmapper.blogspot.com/

About: Founder and lead consultant at Visual Mapper. Facilitating whole brain thinking, using the mindset of Visual Mapping

Name: Henry Lewkowicz

Location: Ontario, Canada

Twitter: @summarizer(1000+ followers)

Website: http://websummarizer.com

About: Summarizing the Web and Wikipedia http://www.WebSummarizer.com Summarizing blogs http://www.WebSummarizer.com/BlogSummarizer Products for Visual Mapping and knowledge base creation.

Name: Olin Reams

Location: San Jose, CA, USA

Twitter: @olinr(5000+ followers)

Website: http://www.conceptdraw.com/

About: Interest in Sales/Marketing! Reading! Mindmapping! General Manager at CS Odessa

Name: Jamie Nast

Location: Detroit, USA

Twitter: @JamieNast (3100+ followers)

Website: http://ideamapping.ideamappingsuccess.com/IdeaMappingBlogs/

About: My expertise is in teaching Idea Mapping Workshops to organizations and individuals both internationally and here in the USA. As a result participants learn valuable skills that can be applied immediately to their work and life.

Name: Chance Brown

Location: Charlotte, NC, USA

Twitter: @chancebrown(500+ followers)

Website: http://mindmapblog.com/

About: Founder and Publisher of The Mindmap Blog. Interests: Technology, Mindmapping, Education, History, Business, Innovation, Productivity, Music, and Art.

Name: Chuck Frey

Location: Waterford, WI, USA

Twitter: @chuckfrey(6000+ followers)

Website: http://mindmappingsoftwareblog.com/

About: Author/publisher of the Mind Mapping Software Blog & http://InnovationTools.com . Author of the new book upyourimpact.

Name: Brian S Friedlander

Location: NYC,USA

Twitter: @assistivetek (2000+ followers)

Website: http://assistivetek.blogspot.com/

About: An assistive technology consultant whose background includes psychology and education. He spent most of his career training educators on the use of various educational technologies to help support learning in the classroom. This includes the use of mind mapping and concept mapping.

Name: Shelley Hayduk

Location: LA, USA

Twitter: @ShelleyHayduk(500+ followers)

Website: http://blog.thebrain.com

About: A Brain at TheBrain Software

Name: Michael Deutch

Location: San Francisco, USA

Twitter: @MichaelDeutch(3000+ followers)

Website: http://www.mindjet.com

About: Product Director for MindManager Windows & Mac, Mindjet for Android & iOS, Integral Coach, Writer, speaker, mind mapper, Yogi, GTD, and more!

Name: Pascal Venier

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Twitter: @pascalvenier(1000+ followers)

Website: http://pascalvenier.com

About: Consultant in Personal Productivity gtd personalkanban mindmapping | Former Professor, recovering academic, aspiring polymath historian complexity cynefin

Name: Eric Blue

Location: LA, USA

Twitter: @ericblue(1000+ followers)

Website: http://eric-blue.com

About: Technologist with a passion for the quantified self movement, mind mapping, productivity, knowledge management, and philosophy.

Name: Kyle Mcfarlin

Location: Ashland, OH, USA

Twitter: @kylesmcfarlin(4000+ followers)

Website: http://www.kylemcfarlin.com/blog/

About: Nerdcore Superstar | Mindjet Master | Sugar & Smart-Ass.

Name: Toni Krasnic

Location: Alexandria, VA, USA

Twitter: @ConciseLearning(500+ followers)

Website: http://www.conciselearning.com/

About: Works with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges/universities to help them implement mindmapping and CLM.

Name: Matt Tanguay

Location: Montreal, Canada

Twitter: @FluentBrain(200+ followers)

Website: http://fluentbrain.com/

About: I help business leaders get clarity and manage their information better through visual facilitation.

Name: Kim Cordes

Location: Michigan, USA

Twitter: @Kim_Cordes(70+ followers)

Website: http://Blooming-Brains.com/

About:Learn, Create, Transform.

Name: Les Mottosky

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Twitter: @uninvent(200+ followers)

Website: http://zenandinno.com/

About:Lifelong innovator. Lover of life. Believer in self-leadership. Inside-up thinker (My heart influences my brain).

Mind Mapping Experts From Europe

Name: Tony Buzan

Tony BuzanLocation: Buckinghamshire ,UK

Twitter: @Tony_Buzan(11000+ followers)

Website: http://www.tonybuzan.com/

About: Inventor of MindMapping, used by 450 million people worldwide, and consultant for organizations including Microsoft, IBM, Walt Disney & Apple. Author & Poet

Name: Michael Tipper

Michael TipperLocation: Oxfordshire, UK

Twitter: @MichaelTipper(1000+ followers)

Website: http://www.michaeltipper.com/

About: Simply enjoying the splendour of being alive in this day and age and looking to make my world a better and happier place

Name: Philippe Packu

PhillipeLocation: Belgium

Twitter: @IPhilVeryGood(17000+ followers)

Website: http://www.drawmeanidea.com/

About: Focused on bringing creativity and mindmapping with passion especially in the field of education and business. Professional in business modelling and requirement analysis (ICT).

Name: Chris Griffiths

Location: Cardiff, UK

Twitter: @GriffithsThinks(4000+ followers)

Website: http://www.graspthesolution.com/

About: Founder ThinkBuzan(.com) promoting Tony Buzan Mind Mapping & iMindMap. Author & speaker on innovation & cr8ivity. Co-founder of DropTask(.com) & HiCortex(.com)

Name: Andrew Wilcox

Andrew WilcoxLocation: Alresford, Hampshire, UK

Twitter: @ajwilcox(2000+ followers)

Website: http://www.cabre.co.uk/maps/andrew_wilcox/twitter_profile_background.html

About: Mind Mapping Software Exploiter, Conference and Event – Recorder and Publisher, Ancient but effective bowler (cricket), Cyclist

Name: Liam Hughes

Location: London, UK

Twitter: @BiggerplateLiam(200+ followers)

Website: http://biggerplate.com

About: Founder of Biggerplate mind map library. Tweeting about entrepreneurship, mapping, London, a bit of sport, and a lot of nonsense.

Name: Steve Rothwell

Location: Reading, England

Twitter: @Ideas4Action(300+ followers)

Website: http://www.elstar-consulting.com/

About: Solving business and community problems, group facilitation, business ideas into action, project planning, business analysis

Name: Clive Lewis

Location: Windsor, UK

Twitter: @clivelewis(3000+ followers)

Website: http://www.illumine.co.uk/

About: Management & Personal Development Training – Better Brains for Better Business. Creativity, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading. CEO & co-founder of Illumine Training.

Name: Vic Gee

Location: London, UK

Twitter: @VicGee(1000+ followers)

Website: http://www.mind-mapping.org/blog/

About: Editor of the Web’s most comprehensive source of information on mind mapping software: The Master List

Name: Paul Foreman

Location: UK

Twitter: @mindmapdrawer(2000+ followers)

Website: http://www.mindmapinspiration.com/

About: The Mind Map Inspiration Blog and Website by Paul Foreman offer example Mind Maps for inspiration and motivation, plus mindmapping tips, drawing tips, techniques for enhancing your creativity and improving idea generation.

Name: Hans Terhurne

Location: Gouda, NL

Twitter: @HansTerhurne(12000+ followers)

Website: http://www.creamatics.nl/?lang=en

About: Mind Mapper | Process Mapper | Crowd Mapper | Bicyclist | Wanderer | Optimist | Organisation Visualizer

Name: Jerre Lubberts

Location: NL

Twitter: @JerreLubberts(1000+ followers)

Website: http://www.worldofminds.com/downloads

About: Drawing what we believe

Name: Wojciech Korsak

Location: Warsaw, Masovian District, Poland

Twitter: @WojciechKorsak(500+ followers)

Website: http://www.explorer-consulting.pl/

About: Owner of Explorer-Consulting, trainer, consultant, Visual Management mindmapping ConceptDraw Mindjet MindManager iMindMap XMind MindGenius Xcelsius Excel

Name: Michael Hollauf

Location: Vienna, Austria

Twitter: @mhollauf(100+ followers)

Website: http://mindmeister.com

About: Married with two kids and lives just outside in Vienna, Austria. Also the co-founder of the web based mind mapping tool MindMeister.

Name: Tim Fulford

Location: UK

Twitter: @MindMapper1(500+ followers)

Website: http://destech.wordpress.com

About: Described by Tony Buzan as one of the best Mind Mappers in the world: “…not sure if that’s what I would say but I certainly enjoy Mind Mapping.”

Name: Nick Duffill


Twitter: @NickDuffill(100+ followers)

Website: http://duffill.blogs.com/

About: Harport Consulting is an independent consultancy specialising in mind mapping software. Despite the bias towards technology, my real interest is in the more formal business uses of mind mapping software as a knowledge management and information management tool.

Name: Nigel Goult

Location: Christchurch, Dorset. UK

Twitter: @NigelGoult(100+ followers)

Website: http://www.olympic-limited.co.uk/

About: Olympic Limited – The MindManager Solution Specialists

Name: Sharon Curry

Location: UK

Twitter: @exedraspain(200+ followers)

Website: http://www.leadingamerica.us/

About: I think therefore iMindmap. Accredited TLI by Tony Buzan, iMindmap therefore iLead. iCare therefore iCoach.

Name: Philippe Boukabza

Location: Madrid, Spai

Twitter: @philip_boukobza( followers)

Website: http://www.philippeboukobza.net/

About: Consultant. Based in Madrid, Spain, I’m passionate about Web 2.0, Mind Mapping and Social Media.

Name: Lucas Gruez

Location: Lille, France

Twitter: @Classemapping(300+ followers)

Website: http://classemapping.blogspot.nl/

About: To teach and to learn with digital, mind mapping, visual thinking and multiple intelligences. To understand the MOOC disruptive wave.

Name: Matthieu Cottard

Location: France

Twitter: @MatthieuCottard(200+ followers)

Website: http://www.signos.fr/

About: Entrepreneur, Managing Partner in Signos. Passionate by ideas and projects to initiate the change. bizdev, Visual Management and MindMapping expert.

Name: Alexis van Dam

Location: Netherlands

Twitter: @alexisvandam(2800+ followers)

Website: http://www.connectionofminds.com

About: uses livemindmapping as a visual facilitator to connect people and ideas. Trains people in the usage of mindmapping in their daily practise.

Name: Ruud Rensink

Location: Netherlands

Twitter: @mindmaptrainer(200+ followers)

Website: http://mindmap.nl

About: First Buzan Licensed Instructor in The Netherlands. Licensed Mind Map, SpeedReading & Memory Trainer, iMindMap Master Trainer, MindManager Trainer.

Name: Craig Scott

Location: UK

Twitter: @ithoughtsapp (1700+ followers)

Website: http://ithoughts.co.uk

About: I’ve been developing iThoughts (originally for iPhone) since May 2008 (a few months before the AppStore even opened.) iThoughts was one of the first mindmap apps on the iPhone and over the years it has had over 20 major updates – each adding new functionality.

Name: Hans Buskus

Location: Netherlands

Twitter: @hansbuskus(900+ followers)

Website: http://mastermindmaps.wordpress.com/

About: I am a communications, marketing & social media consultant, a professional mind mapper using mind mapping among others for strategy sessions, project management, solving complex cases, live mind mapping (e.g. TED), author of a (Dutch) bestselling book about mind mapping.

Name: Pierre Mongin

Location: France

Twitter: @plounet (100+ followers)

Website: http://www.mindmanagement.org

About: The author about mind mapping, 6 books translated in 5 languages :Japanese,Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian.

Expert From Africa

Name: Faizel Mohidin

Location: South Africa

Twitter: @FaizelMohidin(50+ followers)

Website: http://www.usingmindmaps.com/

About: Passionate about Lifelong Learning and using Mind Maps at work, in education, in business and for personal growth and development.
We need more mind mapping experts from Africa. When you do know more (or you are one), let me know and you will be added to the list!

Mind Map Experts From Asia

Name: Roy Grubb

Location: Hong Kong

Twitter: @roygrubb(5000+ followers)

Website: http://www.gandanet.com.hk/

About: Management consultant, Chartered IT Professional, visual thinker, information systems troubleshooter, modeler, software designer, into mindmapping

Name: Teiji Nakano

Location: Japan

Twitter: @teijinakano(1000+ followers)

Website: http://www.facebook.com/teiji.nakano

About: There are many visual mapping tools in the world. Not only Mind Mapping tool but also other visual mapping tools help us to accelerate our business. As you know,we are a chaotic business environment. We need to have a map to survive from now.

Name: Dharmendra Rai

Location: Mumbai, India

Twitter: @mindmapstrainer (500+ followers)

Website: http://www.mindmapstrainer.com

About: Mumbai’s First Mind Map Trainer Trained by Tony Buzan, Inventor of Mind Maps and Chris Griffiths,CEO ThinkBuzan

Mind Map Experts From Australia

Name: John England

Location: Melbourne Area, Australia

Twitter: @Mindsystems(4000+ followers)

Website: http://www.mindsystems.com.au/

About: Leaders in productivity software and support services.

Name: Gideon King

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Twitter: @gideonking(12000+ followers)

Website: http://www.novamind.com/

About: Mind Mapping Maven, NovaMind Software owner, author, personal development expert

Name: Adam Sicinski

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Twitter: @IQmatrix (1300+ followers)

Website: http://www.IQmatrix.com

About: Overcome any problem, think creatively, make better decisions and expand your perspective of what’s possible by unlocking the magical powers of visual thinking.

Now It Is Up To YOU!

Contact the experts you feel are people you like to work with.

When you feel there is an expert missing, let me know and I will add that person to the list.

In fact… we need more Mind Mapping Experts in this list from Africa, South America, Asia and Australia. Just make sure the person you suggest is someone who is an influencer in the mind mapping arena.

Oh… if you just want to get started with mind mapping, have a look at these guides for mind mapping on paper and digital mind mapping.

Happy mind mapping!

image credits to the mind mapping experts

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6 thoughts on “Meet 49 Amazing Mind Mapping Experts From Around The World”

  1. Man – this is a tough list.
    I know a number of these folks professionally, and all bring a ton of unique insight to the party (frankly, I was wondering why Dave Gray of Xplane was conspicuously absent… then again, he’s certainly not a purist in mind mapping. But man, that guy can communicate).

    John England has some of the most deeply insightful philosophies when it comes to visual diagramming. And more important, his clarification of Weak Signal Theory rocked my world.

    Gideon King has always been a favorite as well. Being a Mac guy, NovaMind has always been an app I’ve appreciated for simplicity and expansion. Plus, Gideon’s kinda’ badass, too.

    Sharon Curry seamlessly blends leadership principles into her visualizations. I won’t go so far as to label her the Covey of iMindMap… but damn close. In some ways, way better. (And I definitely want her on my side of we were surrounded by bad guys in a knife fight).

    Mr Tony Buzan goes without saying. In fact, just give him the uber award and let’s leave it at that. More than a legend. He actually gives a sh*t about this industry.

    Shelley Hayduk (and Dave Gray via Fast Company) were the first to really get me excited about the visualization of process. TheBrain was the first java app I used to crash my machine wayyy back in 2000 or so. And through all of the turmoil, Shelley has kept her cool and evangelized. We like that.

    Henry Lewkowicz reminds me of The Brain from Pinky & The Brain: “What are we going to do today, Brain?” “Take over THE WORLD!”. First introduced to his technology by a Portland, OR VC, I feel Henry’s tech with a clean API to the mindmapping world would do wonders. have you ever seen it in action? Summarization is the future of abstraction.

    Chance Brown kicks @ss when it comes to clear thinking spilled onto the page.

    Chuck Frey is both a friend and one of the great organizers of brainstorming products and approaches, regardless of the personal cost. Plus, he’s a damn nice guy, to boot.

    Eric Blue is still at the beach. Living the dream. I think that says more than any visualization mock-up can.

    So many more… but I have to say: I hope this industry continues to grow and thrive and integrate new philosophies. I’ve seen it come from a few squiggles on paper to a deeply dimensional expansion on creative thinking and problem solving with organization.

    And I, for one, am grateful.

    • Thank you Mark for this amazing comment. You really gave a good insight in the people on this list.

      I hope you are the inspiration for others to comment like this as well!

      Many thanks!

      (and I couldn’t agree more on what you are writing)


  2. Thank you for including me on this distinguished list…and thank you Mark for your comments. I had to smile at the ‘knife fight’….promise I would just stun the bad guys with wonderful leadership maps 🙂

    • Thank you for your wonderful work Sharon.

      And you definitely deserve a place here if you can stun people with your leadership maps!

  3. Arjen – I appreciate being included on this list, thank you.

    It is interesting that there are so many different areas of expertise in this list. The common element is not really mind mapping, but tree-shaped visualisations – which can be used in many valuable ways from brainstorms to knowledge management. The diversity of messages and benefits must be a bit confusing for new users, especially as everyone assumes that their speciality is what everyone needs 🙂 We could do with a “style and tools selector” flowchart to help people to get on the right path for them.

    • Dear Nick,

      Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, perhaps information outlining or info mapping experts would be a better name. For most of us I still believe mind mapping (in any shape or form) is probably the thing that brought us together.

      I’ve been thinking about a visual to make things clear for the first time visitor. I believe I have a way to do this. Hopefully next week I can present this on the website. Still need to contact each and every expert for this. And since the list is getting bigger and bigger… Let’s see what happens.

      And of course you deserve a place on this list! Thanks for your work!

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