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Is Reading 1000 WPM Possible? (The Truth)

Let’s be realistic. There is no way an average reader can read with 1000 words per minute. The normal reading speed of a person is about 200 words per minute (wpm). Reading 5 times faster is often too fast! You won’t remember what you read (if you even read something). But this doesn’t mean you can read faster…

There are people who can read 1000 wpm or faster. Most of the time, this is not the reading you would do when you are studying. It is most likely a way of skimming a text. There is nothing wrong with that! But please be honest and don’t call it reading. 

When you are reading at 800, 1000, or even 1200 wpm, you are no longer reading. You are scanning the text for key concepts or ideas. When you question what you read, you will be able to recall some ideas or details. I am confident you can do that. But would you be willing to put your good name and grades on the line to say you read it? I am sure you wouldn’t.

But still… it sounds great being able to read that fast. Isn’t there something you can do to make it work? Let’s find out…

How Much Can You Read With 1000 or 800 WPM?

Reading with 800 or 1000 wpm is fast, really fast. Using a normal study book, you would be reading with about 3 to 4 pages per minute! That’s right that is per minute. Imagine having a 50-page chapter that you have to read. You would be able to read that in 12 to 15 minutes! 

Reading that fast is only a good thing if you can remember what you read. The problem with reading this fast is the reduced comprehension you will get. Research shows that 1000 wpm is too fast for an average reader. 

Notice that you need to see about 16 words per second. Your eye can focus on a group of words about 2 times per second. This means on average you need to look at 8 words per fixation! That is a lot, even if you have very narrow lines and you can view the words in multiple lines at once.

Sure, you can see all the words. You won’t have time to process the information, thus your comprehension will drop….! You have to train yourself to read faster to do this or change your approach…

This Way You Can Read With 1000, 800, 600 WPM

Reading is already a very intense activity for your brain. So reading with 1000 wpm is stressful. One of the most important things you should understand about speed reading is this. Reading speed is nice, but the real speed with which you read is much more important. 

Two things determine your actual reading speed. These are the words you read per minute and your comprehension. For example: you read at 1000 wpm and you understand or recall 50% of the text. You read with 1000 x 50% = 500 words per minute. 

Your ability to answer questions is also determined by your previous knowledge! Reading a familiar text with 4000 wpm and then answering all questions perfectly doesn’t mean you read with 4000 words per minute… 

One way to read with 1000 wpm EFFECTIVELY is by having a lot of knowledge. This allows you to scan the text with 1000 words per minute.

Another way of reading with 1000 wpm is by training yourself. If you are an average reader, you need a lot of training. If you would like to know how you can read faster, continue reading…

Increase Your Reading Speed

The first thing you should do is reading more. A person who reads a lot is usually a faster reader. Sounds too simple…? Let’s talk about ways to help you read faster then. 

First, you have to know that achieving a higher reading speed starts by training daily. Don’t think lightly about this. You are on your way to becoming a novelty 🙂 You can read at speeds most people can only dream or wonder about. They may think you have a gift. You will know that this is a result of a lot of training. 

By reading and training, you will increase your reading speed. The first thing you should be doing is improving your focus. Focus on what you do. Focus on the text. Don’t read while texting or drinking coffee. Also, focus on what you want to learn or understand from the text. This helps you to see what is important for you. This is the first step in reading faster. 

After this great start, you increase your reading speed even more. Do this with a pointer or a metronome for rhythm. Guide yourself through the text. You can use skimming for this. Another way is reading slightly faster seeing each and every word. 

Learning the skill of reading faster is one of the things that is very, very productive when studying. Give yourself this gift. It will improve your life and give you back a lot of time!


Reading with 1000 words per minute is not possible for an average reader. Become better by making daily progress.  Understand that you have to put in a lot of time to be able to read this fast. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to read with these speeds, just know that your comprehension will reduce (a lot…).

If you feel you should be reading faster, make sure you continue reading on this website. Let me know how I can help you. Share your questions. Happy studying!

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