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study routine smart reading

Speed reading is a great tool for increasing your reading speed and comprehension. Better still, it makes learning more accessible for everyone.

So you feel you can (or should) read faster. But you fear forgetting even more when you do this?

If so, I want to tell you this: Yes, you can read faster. In fact, you should read faster. Reading faster will save you not only time. A higher reading speed helps you to remember more of what you read. 

In this Study Routine, you learn to do 2 things. You learn to increase your reading speed and you improve your comprehension and recall of what you read. 

Research shows that your brain has the ability to think with speeds of 800 to 1500 words per minute. Think about it. You may now be reading with 200 words per minute. That gives your brain many, many words to think about other things.

And that is exactly what happens. You read, and while reading you think about groceries, work or family issues, and why you have an itch on your head…

By reading faster, you reduce all these distracting thoughts. You will have more time to focus on what you read. Your comprehension will improve.

Before, you may have had to re-read your texts a couple of times. Why? You simply forgot what you read. Now you will read faster and memorize more. This can easily cut your reading time in half. 

This Study Routine trains you to do just that. There are 3 parts:

  • Part one gives you a clear system to increase your reading speed (training)
  • Part two improves your comprehension (training)
  • Part three gives you additional tactics to read even smarter

The goal of this Study Routine is not to give you some tactics and have you figure out how to use it.

While reading the manual, and doing the exercises, you become a smarter reader. Apply what you read directly on your study book… and learn more in less time!

You will learn to:

  • Double your reading speed using easy to implement techniques and strategies
  • Go through books not just reading them, but actually understanding and memorizing what you read
  • Become a confident reader, even if you never felt you were a good reader
  • Transform book information into personal knowledge.

You receive:

  • A clear plan to understand how to read faster and improving your comprehension (PDF document)
  • Email support to help you if you have any questions (as long as you need)
  • Direct access to the manual, no matter if it is 4.13AM

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“I love the way that the mind map summarises all of the key points from a text. It is such an easy and efficient way to get an overview of a text. I find it very helpful when I am reading for my degree because it allows me to concentrate on the most important parts.”

If you’re studying, you need powerful methods to do this smarter. You need tactics to take notes, read with more focus, put information in your head and recall it when needed. That’s why I created