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Why You Should Read 10 Pages In A Day

Reading is something we all learn in school. The problem is that most people don’t continue to read after they leave school. Sure, some people have to read for their work. But is this just to read the necessary information? Do you read to educate yourself? The 10 pages I will talk about in this article are about reading 10 additional pages per day. This can be for growth or relaxation. 

After all, you don’t want to be taking into account all the Facebook posts and emails you are reading. Does all this reading show you are an avid reader? Social media doesn’t count in this. I’m talking about books. 

I will share with you below how you will benefit from reading just 10 pages per day. It will make your life better!

Let’s go!

How Long Does It Take To Read 10 Pages A Day?

Let’s start by calculating how much you can read in one hour. On average, a person who is no longer in school or university reads 150 to 250 words per minute. An average page in a (study) book is 250 to 300 words. 

This means that it takes one to two minutes to read one page of a book for the average reader. Let’s say it takes 1.5 minutes. This gives you, or an average person, the ability to read 40 pages per hour. That may sound like a lot. And believe me… it is!

You probably don’t sit down and read 40 pages in an hour when you study. That means this hour is not only used for reading. You need to understand what you read. You have to take a few notes. You stop and think carefully about what you read. And yes… you have to re-read parts of your book because you simply forgot what you were reading…

I usually use the same time for reading as for understanding and note-taking. So for every page in your book, you can take 1.5 minutes of reading, and about 1.5 minutes of note-taking and thinking. Notes are done fast most of the time. You don’t need to be writing full sentences. 

This reduces the number of pages from 40 in an hour to about 20. I would say that going through a normal study book leaves you with 10 to 15 pages per hour. On the one hand, you may need some additional time to re-read and take notes. On the other, you probably have some prior knowledge. This saves you some time in the beginning. 

Overall, you can study 10 to 15 pages per hour. 

Studying 10 pages in our example takes between 40 and 60 minutes.

Note that you don’t need to do all of this in one sitting. You can do 20-30 minutes in the morning (fresh out of bed…). In the evening you read the remaining 20-30 minutes. Yes, this is done with a head filled with daily nonsense and a belly full of dinner… 

Start mastering skills like smart reading, note-taking, and memory tactics. You can become a more efficient learner. 

What Is The Benefit Of Reading 10 Pages Per Day

Now you might ask what the benefit of reading 10 pages per day could be. There are several very important benefits. 3 important benefits are:

  • Personal growth
  • Creativity
  • Reduce Stress
progress starts with learning

Personal Growth

One of the biggest benefits of reading daily is that you will learn new things. You develop yourself. You can pick up a study book and open yourself up to entirely new fields. Learn more about science, history, and economics. 

It may sound like 10 pages isn’t that much. Know that an average study book is between 300 and 400 pages. You can read between 9  and 12 study books per year. You will not only read them… you will have time to study these topics. This gives you a huge advantage over people who don’t do that. You will move forward in life. You improve your chances of having a (better) job. You can be chosen for better positions within your company. 

Hint: Start learning how to code today. Within a year you will be a good coder having studied 10 coding books. For example study python, java, or any other programming language. Of course, you will have to do the work of mastering your skill as well…

Increase Creativity

The next benefit is that you will become more creative. By reading about situations and problems, you will also learn how people solved them. Carefully study what they did. Learn how you can apply tactics from one situation in another field. This increases your ability to think creatively. 

I read that an intelligent person can come up with more solutions than others. By reading fiction and non-fiction, you will expose yourself to other ways of thinking. You don’t have to make the same mistakes as the people in your books. You even gain a lifetime of experience simply by reading a book! 

Reduce Your Stress

Reading allows you to take a break from reality. No matter how much stress you have right now, sitting down with a book can help you step into another world. In that world, you don’t need to think about your life. You only read. Reading reduces stress this way. 

Perhaps by reading you can find a solution for the most stressful influences in your life. You better make sure that you have enough books to read. You might enjoy the alternate reality you are about to enter… 

TIP: Start reading a series of books. You can think of Wheel of Time, Harry Potter, or The Foundation (by I. Asimov). And if you feel your study books offer this type of stress relief as well, I do encourage you to read more of them.

No matter what your reason for reading 10 pages per day is, enjoy it. Start reading your daily 10!

What To Do Besides Reading 10 Pages

As I mentioned before, there is one thing that you should be doing when you start reading 10 pages per day. You probably want to remember the information that you read! 

This means that you must start using the information! No matter what you read, find a connection between the world around you, and what you’ve read. This is crucial in retaining knowledge. 

There is absolutely no point in reading 10 pages per day (or 1 million words per year), and not benefitting from it. It could be that you reduce your stress, or you are reading to study. In every case, implement what you read. 

When you start doing that, you not only learn something. You can improve your life daily. 

Remember, the 10 pages are only a guideline. Reading 10 pages daily can become a habit. The best result will be experienced by using what you read. 


On average people read 10 books per year in the United States. This is an average! There will be a large group of people who stopped reading books the moment they left school or graduate. As long as you develop yourself in different ways, there should not be a big problem with that. If you feel you should learn or read more, 10 pages is a great place to start.

Remember that 10 pages per day is a goal. The moment you read 10 pages daily, you will read about 1 million words per year! Reading this much allows you to be a the top of your field!

The 10 pages goal is only a starting point. You can read more if you like. When you start reading more, you will find that these 10 pages aren’t that much to do. The moment you feel you can read a little bit more, please do so. Reading should first and foremost be fun, educational, and a way to relax. 

If you feel 10 pages is too much at the beginning, start with reading less. Perhaps you can read 5 pages, or perhaps you should start reading 1 page. That is all perfectly fine. Don’t stress out over the number of pages. Start small, and grow from there.

When you feel you need help, let me know. I am here to help you study, learn, and read smarter. 

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