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Should I Study Everyday?

As adult learners, we probably have to seize every moment we can to study. Time is precious, and we don’t have a lot of it.

We have work, a family, and now this study thing. So the question “should I study everyday” could probably better be: 

Is it necessary to study everyday?

should I study everyday?

Is it necessary to study every day?

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You work full-time. You have a family. And now you also study. This means you have to be extra careful about what you do with your time. 

It is important to understand that studying doesn’t have to mean sitting down with your book. You can also: 

  • take time to read your notes, 
  • use your new knowledge to create a deeper understanding
  • Listen to topic-related interviews, podcasts, or lectures

The moment you change your focus on studying, you will see that there is a lot more time you can study. 

Now talking about if it is necessary…

I do believe you should be studying daily. This will build up a habit of studying. And having a good study habit will make studying easier. 

The moment you know each day you sit down to study for 30 minutes, you will be more prone to do that. It will even become a daily ritual that gives you a feeling of comfort, control, and clarity. 

Here are other benefits of studying every day.

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Benefits of studying every day

The benefits of studying every day are you will have more time to study, create a powerful habit, experience less stress, and improve your focus. All of this can be yours by simply starting to study on a daily basis. The great thing is… you can start right now!

When you start to study daily, you will do something amazing. You start a new habit. Pick a time to study every day, and take daily action. Your new habit will make it so much easier to study. The reason for this is… you don’t have to think about studying again. No need to get “in the mood”. You sit down at the designated time, and you go through your materials. 

A great benefit is that you will have more time to study. By spreading out your study load over 7 days, instead of just 2 or 3, you have shorter study sessions. 

Because your study sessions are shorter, you probably find it easier to maintain study focus.

Or… you can study more in a week because you do more sessions. Either way, you benefit.

In practice, it probably turns out that you study more per week, but it will feel easier. Study sessions are a little shorter Since you do more of them you will cover more pages.

ACTION TIP: Study every day at the same time. Do this at the beginning of your day so you start your day strong, and you finished studying before you even start your day!


A daily study routine is also a great method for daily growth. You learn something new every day. You can grow your knowledge and move towards your graduation at a steady and good pace. 

And hey… because you have this daily routine going on, you may even be able to use your weekends to relax, sleep late, hang out with your family and friends. You might even skip studying during the weekend because you did already so much during the week! No need to do study sprints during the weekend for you anymore!

Think about the way you will study from now on! No more stress-filled sessions. You become much more relaxed.

ACTION TIP: Focus on Double Growth. This means you not just learn new things from your study materials. You also grow your study skills at the same time. Improve your note taking, reading skills, memory tactics on a daily basis as well. This way you become an even more skilled learner!


Treating your studies as part of your life, and not as some nasty chore you have to do, has a huge side effect…

You will improve your odds of passing your exam. That is because you start to incorporate your new knowledge into your life. 

Research has shown (link) a correlation between an active brain and dementia. This means that studying can help you improve the health of your brain. 


How many days a week should I study?

The first thing you should know is that you don’t need to study for 2 to 4 hours daily. I assume you don’t even have time to study 2 hours per day, let alone do this for 4 hours!

You have a lot of work during the week already. The best thing to do might even be adding study time to this weekday routine. You will have the weekend for bonus study time, or you can even take the weekends off and do other things. 

My advice is this: at least study every workday or weekday (whichever is the most). Give yourself time to relax during the other 2 days. And if you like to, you can also study on your weekend. 


Again, don’t think that studying means you should be hitting the books and cover an impressive number of pages. When you simply want to read a chapter or go over your notes using flashcards or active recall, that is fine! 

Studying comes in many forms. There is a time and a place for every stage in studying. 

The moment you start to see studying as something that will help you move towards a new career, a better job, or in general more knowledge on a certain topic… you stop seeing it as a task.

You will want to study more. You will find the time. You enjoy studying daily (yes, even 7 days per week!).

I sincerely hope you start looking at your study materials this way. It will make it so much easier to find time, energy, and motivation to start and continue studying. 


To Conclude

 Studying helps you to improve your mental skills and mental health. It can even increase your pay-check :).

The question of whether you should study every day isn’t even that important when you align with your reasons and goals for studying. You want to study more.

Until you get into that state of mind, you should keep this in mind:

  • Study 7 days a week, take the weekends off if you like. 
  • The best thing is to do something study-related every day. You can read during the weekend or go over your notes
  • Besides studying from your book, also improve your study skills at the same time. This helps you to cover more pages easier and faster. 
  • Studying helps your brain to remain active and healthy. Do a daily brain workout to stay mentally strong, also at a high age!

When you do this, you will be able to reduce your study load and move through your book faster.

If you have any questions about this, let me know.

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