The About Page…

My pledge to you:

“Mind/Maps Unleashed will be the one website you always wanted to have as a resource when studying.

Using this website, you will have a single point of access to answers, resources, guides, and training to help you become an efficient and smart learner!”

Arjen ter Hoeve

This website was initially created for people to learn about mind mapping (hence the name Mind Maps Unleashed… 🙂 )

But over the years things changed. After helping literally thousands of people create practical mind maps and organize their information smarter and more visually things changed. Fortunately, I changed as well. That is why…

The focus on the website started to change. It was no longer “mind mapping only”. More and more focus came on helping people study smarter. Luckily mind mapping is important in that. So…

What you are visiting right now is a website that has a mind mapping core. More and more of the content of the website will be focused on helping you study. And especially helps you study smarter and faster, so that you can either study more in less time, or you have more personal time while also studying. You see…

Many people these days are studying while having a (full-time) job and a family life. Studying is no longer a luxury but for most people a necessity to stay afloat in today’s workplace. Studying should be something that helps you grow your future, but should not take up all your time in the present. 

I will help you to not study all your free evenings or weekends. It is my goal to create a website filled with articles, resources, tips & tricks, and yes also training and (personal) coaching to help you study more efficiently. This means…

If you want to study smarter, or you are just interested in how you can:

  • take in more information during a study session
  • read faster and comprehend better what you read
  • remember your notes and books better
  • have more focus on your life and studies
  • feel more confident when studying
  • and create the best skills, habits, and routines to help you succeed in life…

…Then this is the website for you. In fact, this will become the exact website I wish I had when I was in my teens, and twenties when I was studying. And that is why I will make it the one website you will need to succeed in your studying.

If you have any questions, please let me know using the contact page

If you like to learn more, sign up using the form below. (you will receive information on studying from me as a gift). 

And if you like to, visit the mind mapping resource page, the study page, or even have a look at the Study Routines I created to get started studying smarter right now.

Enjoy your day, and happy studying!

Arjen ter Hoeve