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Why Is My Reading Speed So Slow?

There can be many reasons you are reading slowly. For instance, the book is too difficult for you, you have poor reading tactics, or you get distracted too much. You should also think about why you feel you read too slowly. This is probably the most important question.

Are other people around you reading faster than you? Or is it only that you think they read faster? When other people read faster, this can be a problem. But it doesn’t have to be! As with many things these days, people are only seeing the good things of other people. On social media we see holidays, people losing weight, and having amazing lives. We don’t see the problems and pain they hide from the world. 

The same also applies to reading and studying. You may think other people read a book and they instantly understand everything. You don’t see them reading for many hours every evening going over that same chapter. Many people have problems studying and learning. You are not alone.

If you still feel you are reading too slowly, then continue reading. Learn more about solutions to become a faster reader!

What Causes Slow Reading?

The first thing you have to do is stop comparing yourself with other people. The next step is to honestly answer some questions. Are you not up to the task of reading this particular book, or is your reading speed always slow? How did you figure out you read slowly? 

Do you know that the average reading speed of adults is between 150 and 250 words per minute (wpm)? This means that a normal page in a study book can be read in 2 to 3 minutes. Does it also take you this time? If so… congratulations! You are an average reader!

(Read this to learn how much you can read in one hour)

If you still feel you can read faster you are in luck! Congratulations to you again! The fact that you feel you should read faster is a sign you know you can grow (or have to grow). You see, most people can read faster than they are doing right now. 

Slow reading creates several problems for readers. The biggest ones are forgetting what you read and having little focus when reading. Can you see this happening in your reading? 

Another reason people are reading (too) slow, is the curse of perfectionism. When you try to understand every word while reading, this limits your reading flow. Even if you don’t view yourself as a perfectionist, this may still happen to you. Feeling insecure when reading may trigger you to try and understand everything. Is this the case with you as well? 

There are many ways to read faster. Let’s investigate and see how you can learn to read faster and lose that feeling of reading slowly. 

How Can I Speed Up My Reading Speed?

Most speed reading trainers will tell you to stop hearing the words in your head while reading. This subvocalization is limiting you to read faster (is what they say). I don’t think it is very important to hear or not hear the words in your head. If this helps you to read with more focus and improves comprehension… please use this!

Research has shown that subvocalization helps in understanding a text better. 

What is a much more important reason for reading slowly is re-reading the text. You know this problem very well. You read a sentence, and you go back to the beginning because you forgot what you read. You are reading the same text twice!

Next time you start reading create a moment of focus or silence. Tell yourself you will read with focus. What is it that you want to get from the text? Know this before you start reading. 

Reading with intention is much better than simply reading some words on a page. 

When you know what you want to learn from a text, your brain will focus. You find answers or ideas that help you move forward. Since you read with focus, you don’t have to re-read that often. This helps you to read faster.

The final thing you can do to become faster in reading is to remove distractions. How many people do you see reading with their phones on or other distractions near them? Do you do other things when reading? This is limiting your reading speed so much!

Learn to read with intention, focus, and remove distractions. Your reading speed will increase, guaranteed.

NEVER FORGET to only increase your reading speed. It is much more important to understand better what you read. Become a smarter reader by increasing your comprehension. This way you will learn faster. Fortunately, the tips above will also help with comprehension.

reading slow is not bad!

Is It Normal To Be A Slow Reader?

We are not natural readers. You were not born with the ability to read a book. It is something you learn. Most people learn to read well enough to manage themselves in life. The more you read, the higher your reading speed becomes. 

Reading slowly doesn’t say you are less intelligent or smart. Smart people can also be slow readers. Reading slowly is not a cause, it is a result. Fix the cause and your reading improves.

The average person reads between 150 and 250 words per minute. People who are studying often have a reading speed between 200 and 300 words per minute. 


Don’t sweat about reading slowly. If you can manage your work and study by reading not fast there is no problem. If you want to improve your reading and reading speed there are things you can do. Stop being distracted and read with intent are important ones!

Always make sure you focus on understanding what you read. Don’t try to be a perfectionist. 80% is good enough. You can always go back later and read more. 

The goal of studying is not to read fast. By reading a lot you will become a faster reader over time. The goal of studying is to learn, understand, and be able to apply new things. Don’t get stuck on a page that you don’t fully understand. Move forward and grow!

Remember that other people are also struggling. We can’t see the struggles other people have. We do feel every pain, struggle, fear, and frustration we have! Remember this and continue reading with intention. You will become a fast reader! I have faith in you!

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