Studying Made Easy

a system to save time and remove stress when studying

You probably are a busy person with many things to do. Perhaps you have a family, you work, have a social life, want to sport, or take some time to relax...

But while all of that is happening, you know you should also be studying. This is a real weight on your shoulders. You know you should be studying, but there are so many other things you like to do...

Hi, my name is Arjen ter Hoeve.

For the last 20 years, I've been helping busy people who work, have families, and who like to have a 'normal' life to study faster. 

I call this Studying Made Easy: a system that enables you to study without all the stress, using simple techniques and practical strategies.

Up until now, these training sessions have been done mostly at universities and in companies. This is the first time I am taking this training to the online world where you can benefit from it.

Understand this, you know a lot about studying already. It is my job to help you to take what you know, improve your studying skills, and give you a system to study carefree. 

This Is What You Learn:

Basically, you will learn how you can study smarter and faster, without having to 'guess' what you have to do next. When you start studying with this Study Smart System, your study stress will drop and you create more focus and achieve better results. 

We use visual/mind mapping, speed reading, and memory techniques. All of this is used in a very practical manner. This means...

  • You learn visual/mind mapping and how to use it. You will not become an advanced mind mapper who makes perfect mind maps (you don't need that to study faster and carefree)
  • You will improve your reading comprehension and increase your reading speed. You will not learn how to read over 1,000 words per minute (this is NOT REALISTIC!) 
  • You will greatly improve your memory. But in the short run, you will not become a memory champion (although the difference in recalling information will be amazing to you :) )

I don't make outrageous claims. You don't need all that to study carefree.

What you do receive is a method to make the process of studying easy. You also receive a personal plan. A plan that combines all of these techniques so that you benefit from it. This is how this training is set up...

The training takes you by the hand going through the Studying Made Easy system. Together we go through a study book. I explain what we will do, I teach you techniques (or you refresh yours). And then you use your own book to take immediate action.

Note that we don't become super advanced mind mapping experts or speed-reading masters. You become a student who can go through your books faster without all the stress.

This means that if you know mind mapping already, you will see how you can use it effectively. If you read fast, you learn how to increase your speed and comprehension. You learn how to memorize your notes faster. 

Combine this plan with personal access to me for 90 days. Ask me questions and receive text, audio, or video response with more insights and personalized training. 

This is what you learn in the "Studying Made Easy" System

Here are some of the highlights of what you learn

  • Learn to summarize 100 - 200 pages in 1 hour
  • Understand how to mind map on paper and on your computer
  • Know what to add to your map (and what not!)
  • Improve your reading comprehension and read faster in 10 minutes of training!
  • Memorize notes, numbers and more a lot better, longer, and with more fun

And this is how all of this is delivered:

  1. I have over 3 hours of video waiting for you to explain how all of this works. You will learn/refresh skills and techniques
  2. You can send me maps of your study material which I will review personally 

What People Are Saying...

"I learned so much that I am hopeful I will graduate!"

"Great training, I look forward to studying again"

"I loved the part that I could ask questions and receive feedback"

"Enjoyed the training a lot, very practical"

"Very good trainer, I learned a practical approach to studying"

"O my... I just realized I am studying in almost half the time. THANKS!"

"I am taking two modules at the same time now, this was never possible"

Is This Training Right For You?

This training is not for people who are looking for a quick fix, or who don't want to do the work. You have to take action! 

Studying made easy is made for:

  • Everybody who feels they could and should be studying faster and better
  • Adults who have a family and job and who need to study to stay ahead of the pack
  • When you want more in life than just work and study
  • People who want more personal time while still getting smarter

Enroll in Studying Made Easy

The "Studying Made Easy" System is teaching you Speed Reading, Mind Mapping, and Memory Techniques. This training teaches you to study faster and smarter!

the "Studying Made Easy" System

  • Paper and Digital Mapping 
  • Summarize 150+ Pages in 1 Hour 
  • Personal Review of 5 Maps
  • The Study Made Easy System
  • Practical Speed Reading Training 
  • Memory Training 
  • 90 Days Unlimited Email Access
  • Lifetime access to the training

a one-time investment of only $97

or add 2 45-minute coaching sessions by using the link below for a total investment of only $197:

excluding applicable taxes

To Recap About This Training...

You join a training with practical and proven material

The material in this training has been tested and improved for many years. You are not just enrolling in yet another course. Thousands of students are enjoying the benefits of the study system on a daily basis

You have Access to an experienced personal mentor

Got questions? I have the answers! You receive access to me personally. Email me all your questions. Once a day or ten times per day doesn't matter. I respond via email, audio, or video. All to help you move forward

You learn proven techniques

No fluff in this training. You learn proven techniques, practical ideas, and easy to use systems and methods. All to make sure you are able to apply what you learn in your own studies

There's no motivation needed to use this system

Have you ever sat down to study... but after an hour you noticed that you hardly did any studying? Yet you did work hard on Youtube clips, social media, and other 'important' things... This system will help you even if you don't feel like studying 

You improve your current mind mapping skills as well

We will use mind map like structures in this training. The maps you create in this training are not real mind maps since they won't use all the rules. We use the term visual maps when it comes to training and mapping. You could view visual maps as a combination of mind maps, concept maps, flow charts, and visual outlining in general. We use what makes your studying easier. A map is just a too

This training makes studying easy

Look, this training uses mind/visual mapping, speed reading, memory techniques, and more. You may know some if not all of the techniques we use in this training. That doesn't matter. What this training does is combine all you know with skills you may not have already. Take your current skills and become an even better and faster student! You now have a system, or daily plan, for studying stress-free, or as I like to call it studying carefree

Give yourself the gift of "Studying Made Easy".

You deserve to feel confident when studying.

You deserve more personal and family time.

Get started with the "Studying Made Easy" training


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