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Mind Mapping Brainstorming That Actually Works!

Have you learned the mind mapping brainstorming rules you can apply in your brainstorming activities yet?mind mapping brainstorming

It’s important for you to know the rules in brainstorming if you want to achieve excellent results in your mind mapping activities. As you may already know the brainstorming phase is very crucial in gathering good quality information. When making a mind map project management overview for example you will greatly rely on the ideas you gathered and generated, right? So it’s necessary that during the brainstorming phase you apply the simple but vital rules of mind mapping. This is to ensure your productivity and see to it that you come up with creative and unique ideas.

What really is brainstorming?

Brainstorming basically is a creative method of generating ideas and solutions to a problem. Mind mapping and brainstorming offers the perfect partnership because in mind mapping you also engage yourself in a creative process of organizing and understanding ideas and information. Combining the two makes an excellent thinking tool that can help you be more productive.

Mind Mapping Brainstorming Rules You Should Know

Like I’ve said earlier there are some brainstorming rules you need to know in order to have a successful brainstorming session. Believe me you will be surprised by how simple these rule really are!

Free Your Mind

Let yourself go! It’s the number one rule in brainstorming to free your mind and just let everything flow. You can go as crazy and wild as you want when identifying ideas. Even the oddest and seemingly irrelevant ideas should be included in your mind map. As you organize these ideas later on you might be able to discover relationships and links that you were not able to see before.

Don’t Criticise

When brainstorming you don’t need to analyze right away the ideas or information you wrote and identified. Avoid criticising because it will only stop and restrict you from identifying all related ideas of a particular topic or theme. This will prevent you from exploring possible ideas and you don’t want that to happen. When brainstorming in a group it’s not also advisable to criticize the ideas of others because it might stop them from sharing their thoughts freely. So it’s very important that you let yourself loose and enjoy the process of getting ideas out of your head or that of your group mates for that matter.

Be Solution Oriented

Avoid getting fixated with only one solution. When brainstorming for possible solutions it’s not advisable to focus with only one idea or piece of information. This defeats the purpose of brainstorming. Think of as many solutions as possible and you will be surprised by how much great ideas you might stumble upon when mind mapping your brainstorming session.

When to Use These Mind Mapping Brainstorming Rules

When should you brainstorm?

Brainstorming is a very useful activity you can use when you need to produce ideas, increase efficiency and productivity, avoid mental block, and so much more!

These are just few of the benefits of brainstorming. Couple it with mind mapping and you will see great improvements in the way you organize and process information. Once you try doing it yourself you will realize that a mind map network gives you the clarity you need in your life.

You have to believe me when I say that mind mapping your brainstorming activities makes all the difference. You need to get rid of chaos? A mind map organizer is what you need to organize all your ideas and apply it in your decision making responsibilities.

I’m sure you are psyched by now with this wonderful news! So what are you going to do? Learn the mind mapping brainstorming rules for starter and start making that difference you need!

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