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How To Mind Map Yourself For Growth

how to mind map yourself

Do you wonder how to mind map yourself to growth? Is it even possible?

Yes, definitely! It is very much possible with mind mapping. You can do it the old fashioned way with a pen and a piece of paper or you may use a good mind mapping software tool available for free or for a reasonable price like the NovaMind.

But how can a mind map help you personally? As you may already know the majority of people are visual thinkers. Most of us need to see something before we fully understand it. If you’re more of a visual thinker yourself then mind mapping is just for you.

Mind mapping is an excellent technique you can use for self-empowerment or personal growth. Because it lets you see and organize your thoughts clearly you are able to effectively sort out personal issues and challenges in your life. When these things become clear to you, you are able to see better the best solutions to address these issues and challenges. As a motivator mind mapping yourself helps you achieve the goals you have set. Now you can sort through all the information and determine the best way to perform necessary tasks to help you ultimately achieve your goals.

Why the Need to Learn How to Mind Map Yourself?

Learning how to mind map yourself is quite simple, especially when you make use of a reliable mind mapping software application tool like NovaMInd. But before you dig into making your personal mind map for growth you need to first understand why you mind map in the first place.

As I mentioned earlier mind mapping is an excellent technique you can use to sort through all those thoughts and ideas you have in mind and make clear sense of all the information you gather by examining those thoughts and ideas. With the help of mind maps you are able to see the connections among these ideas that may have not been evident beforehand.

Definitely mind mapping yourself is the best way to see the bigger picture.

If you are serious about mind mapping yourself to growth then it’s necessary for you to know yourself first, make a life plan on how you want your life to be or where you want to go, set your goals, and take action to achieve such goals

Simple Steps on How to Mind Map Yourself to Growth

Mind mapping yourself to growth doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a look at the personal mind map made with the use of NovaMInd. You will see below how you can use mind map to set your goals and plan your life.

mind map yourself for growth

You only need to answer 3 important questions when mind mapping yourself to growth. Where am I now? Where do I want to go? How am I going to get there? These questions basically help you determine what it is that you really want in your life so that you can start planning for it effectively.

First ask yourself this big question: What is the purpose of my life? You answer this question by making a self-assessment on where you are right now in your life, what skills, talents, capabilities, or resources you already have at this point in your life. Also find out what your weaknesses are and how these things are hindering you from achieving growth in your life.

outline your life purposes

The second step is to ask yourself what you want in your life or where you want to go in your life. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses you are able to see clearly the areas in your life that needs improvements or changes. Mind map these areas so that you will get a full overview of what you’re life is right now.

different areas in life

The third and last thing you need to do is push yourself to take action. Identify what you need to do to transport yourself from where you are right now to where you want to be. Put in your mind map the specific tasks and activities necessary to help you achieve the growth you’re looking for in your life. From your mind map you can make a schedule for these tasks or activities. Also, include milestones and rewards to further motivate you to move forward towards the necessary changes you need to make in your life.

how to take action

How to Mind Map Yourself? It’s Easy!

Mind mapping yourself is easy. All you need to do is mind map your life to growth. I’m sure in just a short time you will notice significant changes in your life. Of course you need to commit yourself to this activity if you really want to get good results.

Who says learning how to mind map yourself is difficult… not with the help of mind maps!

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