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The Mind Map Evernote Possibilities

It is important that you know that you can create a Mind map Evernote note as well. Evernote is basically a suite of software and services designed for note-taking and archiving. But more than that it’s also a good mind mapping alternative you can use today.

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment or platform. Make this information accessible and searchable anytime and anywhere. More importantly, it’s fun and exciting to use!

More About Creating A Mind Map Evernote Style!

There’s so much you can do aside from effective note-taking with the use of Evernote.

Basically, the note-taking software Evernote lets you do a lot of things. It supports a number of operating system platforms which include the following:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Chrome OS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile

Like I said earlier Evernote allows you to do a lot of things.

Below is a list of some of the cool stuff I’m sure you will surely enjoy in using Evernote for your mind-mapping activities.

  • Keep everything in sync
  • Remember things you like
  • Save favorite Web pages
  • Research better
  • Work with friends and colleagues
  • Do some planning

Getting Started with Your Mind Map Evernote

You need to first create an account to get started with mind mapping in Evernote. Simply go to the official website of Evernote then select “Create an Account”. Fill out the necessary information to complete your registration.

When you’re done filling out the form you will immediately receive an email notification. Once you received the notification you are now ready to download the software. All you need to do is click the tab “Download Evernote”. Once it’s done you can start using Evernote any way you like.

Here’s What I Do…

When I create a mind map on my computer, I usually store the map on my dropbox account. This way I can use it where ever I am. But how does Evernote help me you might think?

A mind map is also stored as a PDF file in my Evernote account. I simply do this by saving the map as a PDF and uploading it to Evernote. This is however an even easier method for doing this.

You can also PRINT the map and automatically send it to Evernote. One of the printers I have installed is one called PDFwriter. One of the options for this printer is the store PDF in Evernote.

So when I print, the map is not stored on my own computer, but directly forwarded to my Evernote account.

A Real Mind Map Evernote Gem

While this may seem good enough, there is something even more interesting… I can now go into my Evernote account and SEARCH through my notes AND PDF files!!!

The moment I am looking for something I know I added to a PDF (in a mind map), I search and it will be found. I can use the file from my dropbox account and then update it. Just make sure you either remove the note from Evernote after you updated the mind map or make sure you know there are older files in your notes section (I prefer to move older maps to a notebook with older mind map Evernote notes).

That’s it. This is how I use Evernote to help me organize my maps and how it enables me to search through maps easily.


I just saw a wonderful application of Evernote in the ‘real’ world. Moleskine uses Smart Stickers. These are stickers you add to your notes in your Moleskine notebook.

Here is an overview of the stickers:

I hope you let me know what your mind map Evernote strategy is.

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2 thoughts on “The Mind Map Evernote Possibilities”

  1. Just wanted to comment on using Evernote with mind maps

    Send your map content, image, and file to Evernote with a single click using ConceptDraw MINDMAP. Now your mind map content is everywhere for you to act on. Even if you are a Windows/Mac user who has a Blackberry as your Smart Phone, with one single click, your map is there to share, thanks to ConceptDraw MINDMAP and Evernote.

    • Thanks Olin!

      A really smart strategy. Thank you for the link to your article as well.

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