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3×3 Goals Remove Noise in Your Life

3x3 goals remove noise

I love simplicity. When you step back far enough, things tend to become really simple. When we try to see everything at once, the details and the general outlines; when we want to understand all things happening and we take into account all things… things become really difficult. Taking a step back really helps you then.

What is it with our amazing brains and the way we use them? Have you ever tried to plan a party, a business trip or something else (big) and did it all in your mind? Kind of hard, right?

Our brain can visualize one thing, and sort of automatically grey out the rest. Then we focus on something else and the original focal point greys out. We kind of know everything, but the real big picture is gone.

That is why I loved mind mapping when I first started to use it. I could overview an entire project, training or event and see what interacted with what, how things should be lined up, etc.

What this did was create a stress-free overview, even if the entire event or project was really, really stressful and overwhelming. The map removed the noise from my mind and gave me clarity and peace of mind.

Where will you be in 10 years tine?

Now, I have a question for you.

This is an important one so you better think about it.

What are your top 3 goals?

Easy? Difficult? Scary? Interesting?

You see, we all have goals. Some people know them, others really have to think about them.

Have you tried goal setting before? Did you try to work on achieving them in the past? Perhaps you wanted to lose weight? Or you had to achieve a certain result at work? Or you wanted to graduate (or finally pass that amazingly stupid exam…)?

What I did many years ago was something I learned from a person who had 101 goals. The amazing thing was that he achieved most of them in just a few years. So there I was, I started to create my list.

First you start with the obvious ones, the family, career, money, stuff. Then you work on places and things you want to learn. Then you might even do things for other people. In general, this is what many people do when they create a list of (at first) way too many goals to imagine.

Great, then they have this list. What’s next? How to achieve them? Perhaps you group them? Do you list them by the dates you want to achieve them? Do you prioritize them?

Right now I want to share with you what I feel is a very powerful way to not just achieve your goals, but have a clear and noise-free mind.

For most people, the part of having a noise-free mind is by the way already really good and helps them achieve more in less time 🙂

Here’s the 3×3 method for achieving goals.

I assume you have goals already. You have BIG goals that you want to achieve. For this exercise you need the 3 biggest goals you have which will give you (and your loved-ones) the most joy, benefit, growth, fun, etc. The reason you want to have BIG empowering and positive goals is because you need to work on them for a long time so you better enjoy the process!

For instance you want to graduate, buy a home, learn the foreign language of your parents in law.

Imagine your 3 biggest goals. Imagine you achieved them. Imagine what sensations that creates in your body and life!

Can you vividly see what will happen with you once you achieve them?

Can you smell it, see it, hear it, touch it, enjoy it?

Great, if you can, you found your 3 most important goals.

This is the first step in the 3×3 process.

It might be that you can only achieve your goals in 5 years. After all, studying takes time. Learning a language is difficult and takes a long time. Buying a home and perhaps having it without a mortgage is something that might take 20 to 30 years!

So what do you do?

Imagine (yes, we imagine a lot today) that you achieve all of your goals in 1 to 2 years. Sounds pretty amazing, I know! But just do this.

Now we come to the second 3

What should you do, achieve, come or have in 3 week, 3 months and 3 quarters (for each goal)?

As you probably understand, the closer they come to you, the smaller the milestones. So for example you can study and perhaps pass one module in school in 3 weeks, but you can do perhaps 10 in 3 quarters (9 months)!

When you did that, we come to the last 3.

The final 3

What 3 things or tasks should you do on a consistent, daily basis to achieve your 3 weeks goals?

Now understand. There are 2 things important words in that sentence: consistent and daily! Consistent means here that you do them with all your heart and you do them because you MUST do them. After all, you want to achieve your goals, right?

Daily means not just the days you are working. Daily means also during the weekends, holidays, when your child is born, when you are dumped by your girlfriend, etc. Each and every day. Kind of like you eat on a daily basis. This isn’t something you stop doing as well, right? So work on your 3 tasks each and every day!

For example, in the above example, it would mean that you learn 10 new words each day, you go through 25 pages and understand them, and you earn or save X dollars or Euro that you use to pay off your mortgage.

The beauty of this is that you also want to do your tasks again when you are done. So you studied those 10 words? Take 2 more today, or perhaps 5 more! You do this because you love it!

Oh, one tip… when you did not study 25 pages, and you feel you should call it a night… you don’t! First, you study, then you sleep. When you are really sleepy, you go to sleep for 20 minutes and wake up again and then study all night if you have to. The goal is to do these daily tasks. Also, don’t study for 150 pages on a Saturday and skip the previous 5 days. Consistent daily action creates champions and winners.

I advise you to work on your 3 daily tasks as early during the day as possible. If you don’t you might be making really long days with super short nights.

I am sure you will also achieve other (smaller, but also important) goals during your transformation from where you are to who you become. This is just the way things work. Your original list isn’t wasted time! This was needed to find your 3 biggest goals. Now they are worked on in the background.

There you have it. The 3×3 for goals and how to achieve them.

The beauty of working this way is that you will remove the stress of achieving all those goals and losing focus.

I am sure that when you use this information and you are consistent and do this on a daily basis, you will remove the noise from your head, work, studies, and life. Life becomes a lot easier. Sure, in the beginning, this can be hard, difficult, or painful. Yet when you follow through, your life is about to change into something really wonderful.

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