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Mind Mapping With Children Is FUN And Easy!

mind mapping with childrenHaven’t you heard that mind mapping with children is an excellent way to spark creativity from the young ones?!

If you want to help your kids express their creativity while teaching them at the same time to effectively organize their thoughts and ideas then mind mapping with children is the best solution for them and you. Not only is mind mapping a good way to help them explore their creativity but it’s an excellent way to help your kids realize that studying can be fun and enjoyable.

In this article we will take a look at some mind map examples for kids and learn simple ways to mind map like Tony Buzan does.

Benefits of Mind Mapping with Children

There is a secret formula to encourage your kids to love studying. Now you can teach them the secret on how to easily come up with bright ideas, how to effectively solve problems, and how to remember things better.

Are you excited to know all about it?!

Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping discussed in his book Mind Maps for Kids – An Introduction, the different uses of mind mapping that kids can definitely benefit from.

What are mind maps for kids as explained in the book?

Mind mapping for kids by Tony Buzan is an easy and enjoyable method to get information into and out of the brain. In fact it is a new way of studying and revising as well as an excellent technique for note taking. Mind maps basically help kids to come up with new and unique ideas, it also help them to plan for projects, as well as help keep the boredom away when doing homework or preparing for an exam.

Why does mind mapping appeal to children?

A mind map is made of words, colours, lines, and pictures. All these elements when combined together in a visual representation are very attractive to children. It captures their attention and motivates them more to stay focused on what they’re doing.

Because they enjoy what they see it becomes easier for them to study. It eases the boredom so they have more fun.

Mind mapping is certainly your children’s secret weapon to help them remember better, come up with creative ideas, save time, get better grades, excel at school, and most importantly have more fun.

Examples of  Mind Mapping with Children

Not only adults like us can enjoy mind mapping. The mind map for kids examples shown below are proof that children can also have fun and learn tons when mind mapping.

Below is a sample mind map I got from a blog post discussing about simple child rearing tips with the use of mind mapping. You can see in the illustration how vast a child’s creativity is and how a mind map can help them express their thoughts and ideas about a particular topic.

As you can see from the main topic which is “Animals” the mind map expanded to several branches of ideas. You wouldn’t get the same result had it been written down in a linear fashion.

When you ask your kids to do the same exercise allow them to have a moment to themselves and let them write as much as they can or as wild as they can. The wilder the better!

More mind map sample!


Mind mapping is like your children’s magic wands and ultimate secret tool to help them express themselves better and understand themselves more.

Let Your Child Enjoy Their Mind Map Today!

What are you waiting for? Grab along your kids and join the rest of those who have discovered the secret formula, ready to be used by children. No need to put up a fight with your kids when you ask them to make their homework or force your way in to their rooms just to have them study their lessons.

Other good news is that you can teach your little ones how to make use of those software tools that can make their mind mapping activities more interesting and fun.  MindMapper is one of the examples of these excellent tools you can use to mind map with your kids.

So go ahead, enjoy the benefits of mind mapping with children today!

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