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How Much Time Do You Spend on a Mind Map?

Do a Google search on the term “Mind maps“. Click on the images tab and be amazed!

There are so many beautiful mind maps on that page!

Here is a screenshot I created on my end of the internet:

How Much Time Do You Spend on a Mind Map
mind map search in google images

I think the people who create these mind maps have done an amazing job!

Why would you create a really good looking mind map?

From the moment I learned about mind mapping, I found it strange. Why would I need to spend (or perhaps waste) a lot of time creating a nice-looking mind map?

A map should be helping me to understand my information in the first place. It does not need to be pleasant to look at.

I know that this may scare away a lot of people. They might be into making good looking mind maps. Don’t get me wrong, I like to look at these maps. It is just not my way of mapping my thoughts and information. 

When I create mind maps that look good, I use them in public. For example for presentations, workshops, or for clients in general. My most boring looking maps are my personal maps. 

Let’s just say… there is a place and a time for everything 🙂

Still, we have the question of “how much time to spend on your mind maps?“. 

It all depends on the goal you have. Do you mind map for clarity? Or to create a nice map? Or to share information with others? Are you simply doodling for an aha-moment?

Creating good looking maps take more time than maps that are there for outlining information only. 

Here’s an example of where you would take just a few minutes to create a mind map?

YouTube video

No matter what you do, be aware of the time you spend on your map. A map doesn’t have to get better if you put a lot of time into making it. Outlining thoughts, ideas, and other information can be done fast and without too much color. 

Let’s have a look at the way you could be speed mind mapping (is that even a real concept???). After that, I will tell you how much time I spend on mind maps every week. 

Speed mind mapping for Clarity

In this article, I focus on time. This doesn’t mean that all maps should be created as quickly as possible. However, for most people mind mapping could be done in less time with about the same end result. 

Remember that mind mapping is not a destination. It is merely a tool for getting there. Here are 5 ideas you can implement to get the most out of your mind mapping time. 

  1. You should start by knowing the time you want to spend mind mapping. This could be the time you spend outlining your information. It could also be the time you use this study or work session. Taking a set time to do something will help you in focusing your attention and energy on your project.
  2. A map is created once, not each and every session. When you are going through your book, you create a map for a chapter. Next time you study this chapter, you don’t create a new map. You update the map you already have.
  3. Always (ALWAYS) remember that the map is not the destination. A mind map is a tool that helps you to reach your destination!
  4. Like a hammer is not the universal tool for fixing things, so is the mind map not a universal tool for managing information. Think about if you should use a map or not!
  5. Finally, perfectionism is a good thing, but not all the time. Only be a perfectionist after you’ve made significant progress. And even then, you should limit your time to be a perfectionist. This way you don’t waste too much time on design, colors, and keywords. 
the map is not the destination

There you have it. Practical advice on the time you are mind mapping. 

Take one of these ideas and use that idea today. You will save time and improve your mind map. 


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How Much Time I Spend Mind Mapping

Oh… I was going to tell you about the time I spend on my mind maps. I think during a normal week, I work on my mind maps perhaps 10 minutes in total. I benefit from my mind maps on a daily basis. The time I gain from the maps is much, much greater. This is because the map content gives me a lot more overview and clarity than traditional notes. 

If you have any questions about this, let me know. I look forward to helping you.

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