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Is Reading Multiple Books At Once Bad?

As with many things you do in life, it depends. If you have the time and the required knowledge to dive into many books, I would say go ahead! Reading study books with related topics may even help you understand both faster! This has to do with the study tactic called Interleaving. This method involves working on different topics at the same time. You can do this by using multiple books. You can also start at different chapters in your book.

You studied many topics from a large number of books when you were in high school. Did that mess up your learning? I am sure you were capable of switching between books and topics. I am sure that your studies right now are going worse because you have a job or a family. All these other activities need your attention, time, and energy. 

It might even be that combining work and study makes you a faster student. You can incorporate knowledge and experience from your work with studying. So to give you a very short answer to the question. No, reading multiple books at once is not bad. It may even help you become a more skilled and smart student!

But there are other things you have to know about this question that I would like to get into right now…

The Benefits Of Reading Multiple Books At Once

The biggest benefit of reading many books at the same time is simple. You learn about different topics simultaneously. You learn to combine different topics. This makes the information stick in your brain even better. Here are other reasons you should be reading more books at once.

benefits of reading multiple books

1. It is relaxing 

You can also read non-fiction and fiction books at once. This gives you more pleasure in reading. You can switch to lighter or different reading. Reading 30 minutes in your study book, and taking a break to read 10 minutes of non-fiction helps you relax. 

2. Reward yourself with books

Another reason for reading multiple books is that you can use books as a reward system. For instance, when you read one chapter of your study book, you can take a break and read a fantasy novel or thriller. This may help you push yourself towards finishing the chapter. 

3. It improves your memory

By reading many books, you can also improve your memory. There is a lot of information you have to remember doing this. You need to know what the characters in your non-fiction book at doing. You also must recall what your study book is covering in that chapter. 

4. You finish more books

When you read more books… you will read more books! It is really simple, but it is true. By reading more at once, you can become more flexible in your approach to reading. Pick up your study book if you have 30 minutes. Do you only have 10 minutes, perhaps you can read a non-fiction book? You can even use 5 spare minutes to read summaries or introductions in a study book.

Yes, reading more at once will not make you finish your books faster. After all, you are reading multiple books at the same time. But if time is not an option, or you can manage your read well, this should not be a problem. 

Try it out! I am sure you will enjoy your reading more and become a more experienced reader at the same time!

How To Read Multiple Books At Once?

Reading multiple books at once is not that difficult. You could start by picking two books you wanted to read for a long time, and simply start reading them. The most important part is that you actually start reading them! Start with reading 10 minutes per day in each book. This may look like too short, but reading time isn’t the biggest obstacle. Reading is!

Most people don’t really mind reading. They are doing that on social media all through the day! Sit down and read for 10 minutes. After that, continue to read if you like. If not, do something else. 

When you like to learn more about studying for one hour per day… watch this: 

YouTube video

What you will see is that reading becomes more interesting. You learn new things. You get drawn into other worlds. 

When you are reading multiple study books at once, make sure you make them (slightly) related. This will help you see similarities between the two. This helps your understanding and memory. 

Remember that we are always looking for connections and reasons why. Our brain wants to understand what is happening in the world around us. Stand-alone ideas are difficult for us. We want to connect and understand what we see. Having “loose ends” is painful for your brain. It wants to connect and it can’t. You can literally have a headache because of this. 

One thing you could do to make this 10-minute per book “rule” easier is to bring your book with you, wherever you go! This way every time you have a break, or you find yourself waiting, you can start reading. Your bathroom is also a wonderful place for reading without people distracting you.

Final thoughts on this: Make sure you choose your book based on the time of day (and your mental state). Reading a lighthearted novel in the morning could be great. But what if you also have to study? You might want to do the more difficult reading in the morning. This way you will not get stuck reading at night. 

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 In short, start reading at least two books at once today. It will help you become a better reader and make you smarter!


Reading multiple books is not bad. It may even be a smart thing to do. You can improve the quality of your studies by combining 2 different (yet related) books. You will grow in both fields more quickly. 

It may be difficult to start reading two books at once. Both will have different writing styles. This may take some time to get used to. You might have a problem with that. I recommend you read related but slightly different books or articles at the same time. You will find that you can combine ideas from one book with concepts in the other book. Doing that increases your understanding of that topic. This is how smart learners study. They combine information to test ideas and grow in their field. 

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Reading more than one book at once helps you to become a better and smarter reader. Start doing it today. Let me know which books you are reading right now!

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