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Carefree Manage Your Work And Study Information Using Brain Friendly Tactics

At Mind/Maps Unleashed we don’t tell you to create beautiful looking mind maps. We offer you practical solutions that help you manage your work and study information. Our approach is:

Stop Making Your Life So Complicated

Life is simple, but we tend to make it complicated

Use Your Brain Better

Memorize more, deal with stress, read faster, and more…

Grow by Embracing Change

Change your actions, and you will change your life

PRINCIPLE 1: Stop Making Your Life So Complicated

When Rudy first met me, he told me that he was close to a burnout. He had his full-time work and a family with young children. He was also studying to get his university degree in computer science. It was getting too much for him.

We sat down to talk. He heard that I was helping people people to study better and become more productive in their work. 

Rudy explained me how he was doing his studying and work, and we created a plan to help him. 

One of the things Rudy did was focus on too many things. When he was at work, his mind was also busy with his study. During his study time, he actually wanted to enjoy family time. And when he was finally ‘free’ to do what he wanted, his work was in the back of his mind. 

One of the things we did was create 3 simple thought lists with only items that were important. His lists were for his work, study, and personal time. 

When he was at work and he thought about his study time, he just wrote that thought in his thought list. That way he did not need to keep it in his mind and he could continue. 

Also, he created a visual (mind) map. That map showed everything he could do without feeling stressed. 

After we did this, Rudy started to implement it. 

The Result Rudy Created

1 week later, Rudy contacted me to tell me that he was feeling a lot better! He felt his life was a lot simpler. He was much more focused. And the best thing, at the end of the day, he had a lot more time for his family. Rudy even told me that he slept much better and he woke up relaxed and energised. 

What Rudy experienced was this. Using his mind map, he could organise his day better. He got more done feeling better at the same time.

Over the next few weeks, Rudy seemed more relaxed. He felt stronger, more confident and slept much better.

What To Do…

We all made our lives much more complicated than they should be. Things evolve over the years. We hold on to actions and ideas that once were helpful. 

Have a look at your life to understand all the ‘noise’ and ‘bagage’ that you carry along. It is up to us to see the simplicity in complex situations so we can make life easier. I am confident you can reduce a lot of waste in your information (mind map), actions, and life.

Stop focusing on quantity, and aim for improving the quality in your work, study, and life. 

This leads us to one tool that can greatly improve quality in your life, when used efficiently…

PRINCIPLE 2: Use Your Brain Better

The brain of a human fetus develops from week 4 till week 33. A couple of weeks later a baby is born. A new life starts. 

Your parents teach you many different things. You learn to walk, talk, jump, go to the bathroom, and much more. But I bet there is one thing that you did not learn from your parents. And while all the things you learned from your parents are important… this one thing you did not learn is very (VERY) important as well.

We don’t learn how we can learn new things, corganize information, handle new situations, read faster, and much more. 

Don’t call your parents! It is not their fault! They are teaching you what they learned from their parents. 

You see, most people don’t learn how to learn or understand how they can use their mind better. Most people I train are in their 30s, 40s and 50s. They are learning things like: how to read faster, memorize better, and organize information smarter. And this is something new for them!

I often feel sad when I think about all the additional things people could have done. What if they learned this much earlier in life? Would they have studied more? Pursued that university degree? Had more time to be with their families and friends? Felt less stress?

All I know for sure is that learning how to deal with the overload of information around you is essential! You have to become a better ‘knowledge worker’. Yes, you too (even if you are a knowledge worker already)!!

The moment you use your mind smarter and learn to read and comprehend text just 25% faster, take more insightful notes, and have information available in your head at will… you will be able to:

  • save hundreds of hours each year 
  • reduce your work and study related stress
  • enjoy more time with your family and friends
  • pursue more and bigger dreams
  • feel stronger
  • be more focused
  • have more confidence

All that by learning to use your mind better! Yes, I talk about improving the way you use your mind. You don’t need to become a world champion in the field of memory games. Learning a little bit more about your mind can make a huge difference. 

Life gave you a wonderful mind. Now let’s use that wonderful mind to create a wonderful life!

Creating a difference in your life needs changes to make that happen. That is what we will talk about more in Principle 3… 

PRINCIPLE 3: Grow by Embracing Change

It is difficult for most people to make changes in their lives. We have our ways and we like to keep things safe.

Look at many of the world’s biggest super stars in movies, science, art, and other fields. They perceive change differently. They either embrace it as a means of living, or they use it to achieve their goals. They understand that to get somewhere, they have to get moving.

Use your ability to change. Figure out what needs to change, and focus on that.

I love to walk, and I draw a lot of similarities with my life. When you walk you understand that it is you who has to move, not the road. Why do so many people remain standing still in life? Are they expecting life will make the changes for them?

Also, the moment you are experiencing “setbacks” like road blocks or bad weather do you give up? Do you go back home or do you try and move forward in another way? It is important to know that things are never going to be without problems. 

You may have heard this line: life is not a sprint, it is a marathon. This is wonderful good news for us! It means that you don’t need to achieve everything in a short period of time. You can take advantage of things like The Compound Effect. This states that small daily changes create large changes over a long time). 

The most important thing to remember is this…

You have to take consistent action to create large changes over a long time. For instance:

  • Use a mind map for studying one chapter (not the entire course) and see how it works out for you.
  • Mind map just one minute per day so it is not that big of a deal (but wait till you see what happens with your understanding!).
  • Learn to read only 1 word per minute faster with better understanding. In a few months you may read 50% faster!
  • Study not once a week. Study 10 pages daily to create continuous growth and progress
  • Memorise 3 words in a foreign language. In a year you know over 1000 words

Small changes create big changes ove time! The secret… take action! Take back control over your life. Change what isn’t working and fix what needs your attention.

The same applies to studying and work. To graduate or finish a project at work, you have to take action. You have to change to become a new (and smarter) person.

By working this way, you will see changes occur. It is important that you make (tiny) changes every day. When you do that, you change into the person you want and need to become. Plus… you will be seeing the changes take affect and catapult you into an amazing new life!

Do You Want to Work and Study Carefree?

We’ve come to the end of this manifesto. Through my writing, I gave you a small insight in these important principles:

  1. Change is inevitabe when you want to grow
  2. Your mind can be used much better
  3. Find the simplicity in a complex world

When you apply these 3 principles on a daily basis, your life will change (as did mine):

  • You will have more personal time 
  • Your stress will reduce
  • You achieve your goals faster
  • Your perspective on life and people will change.

What route will you take? Do you like to work and study carefree, or if you want to continue to feel stressed and tired.

I made the choice to follow the path or working and studying carefree. Learning how to do this has been amazing. I would like you to enjoy that as well. 

When you want to work and study like that, let me know. I can help you with that.

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