Your Personal Mind Mapping Workshop

Practical Mind Mapping For Busy People

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So you heard about mind mapping. You may have even tried it before. But somehow… it didn’t work out for you.

The reason I hear most often is that people don’t learn to create practical mind maps! They do a google search and follow some rules they read about online. And then… it doesn’t work out for them.

mind mapping made easy

When you invest about an hour of your time and learn from an experienced tutor, you too can reap the benefits of mind mapping to organize and manage your information.

Why Mind Mapping Works!

Mind maps help you to outline and overview your information in a very brain-friendly format. It combines big ideas or concepts and important details. In contrast with normal note-taking and outlining, mind maps can be created very (very) fast.

All of this enables you to save time, gain clarity, and increase your knowledge faster than ever before.

These benefits enable people around the world to use it for more than just note-taking. You can also use mind mapping for presentations, brainstorming, and creative thinking. Use it for work or study!

But note that there is a difference between mind mapping and practical mind mapping that I teach people.

A normal mind map usually uses many colors and images. These take time to create. A normal or traditional mind map is often what scares people away from mind mapping. After all… you want to move forward and not learn yet another method that is not practical.

Practical mind mapping, as I teach it, takes very little time. It is focused on using a map to create an advantage or reach a goal. Doing this fast and easy is what people draw to it.

The Free VS. Paid Dilemma

As I said before, you can simply google “how to make a mind map”. You will find millions of results. There are thousands of people who will tell you how to create a mind map.

The results are often poor. You don’t really learn how to create or even use a mind map. You wasted time on a technique that you won’t use 🙁

The other path you can take is the paid option. Do you take an online course that is catered to the needs of thousands? Or do you enroll in classroom training? Both options are not really benefitting you and your personal situation.

Another disadvantage of group training is that it costs a lot of money. Many times, there is no support after your training.

That is why I offer Personal Tutoring

Enroll in a personal (one on one) workshop. During your workshop, you learn practical mind mapping.

The result of the workshop is that:

  • You create clear mind maps filled with your own information
  • You and I created a practical mind map and you understand how it works
  • You can use mind mapping strategies to make your work and studies easier

PLUS you can also email me after the workshop with all the questions you have. If you email me never, of you email me ten times a day… that’s all fine. Know that I am here for you.

The workshop takes about 45 minutes.

Your investment

I will not ask you to spend hundreds of dollars to take this 1-on-1 training. It won’t be free either. After all, you learn a skill that will change the way you manage your work and study information.

The investment for your personal workshop is only $47

This includes:

  • 1-1 workshop for 45 minutes
  • learn practical mind mapping and how to use it
  • have personal strategies for work and study
  • unlimited email access for 90 days
  • you receive a video recording of the workshop
  • available in English and Dutch

I want to offer this training/workshop for a price that you benefit from it and you learn a new skill.

You should remember, that this teaches you practical strategies to help you master your work and study information.

Are you ready to take that step?

After this workshop, you no longer waste time trying to mind map your information. After all, you will have the strategies and knowledge to create better notes, presentations, and outlines. You also have hands-on experience in mind mapping your information.

Besides that, you will have me on your side.

After our workshop together, if you have questions, email me. I am there for you! When you need more tactics or strategies, let me know. I will help you out!

This will happen when you sign up for the workshop:

  1. You make the investment
  2. After your payment has come through, you receive an email with your confirmation
  3. You also receive an email with a link to schedule your workshop
  4. You receive a questionnaire to help me understand what you need, want, and know.
  5. You receive information on mind mapping software to install
  6. We do the workshop together in which I train you and get you started with strategies and tips
  7. After the workshop, you can download a video recording 
  8. After the workshop, you can email me as much as you like to get answers to your questions. 

This is the general idea of how we will proceed. Of course, this workshop is all about you and how you benefit. Here is the link to enroll again:

Your 30-day mind mapping guarantee

You take part in the workshop. You receive all the training and strategies. You will have the tool installed for mind mapping on your computer. 

If, for whatever reason, you feel the workshop did not help you in mind mapping, let me know within 30 days. I will refund you your money.

So there you have it…

  • Take part in this workshop. Learn how to use mind mapping in your work and when studying
  • You learn strategies for mind mapping for example your notes, presentation, and brainstorming sessions
  • After the workshop, you have access to me personally to receive answers to all your questions.

All of that, for only $ 47.

Take advantage of this offer right now and give yourself the skill of practical mind mapping.

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The questions you might have:

What software should you use?

We will use Xmind mind mapping software during your workshop. There is a free version (so no payment is needed to use it). This tool is great to use when introduced to mind mapping. 

When you have your own software already installed, we can use that tool. No need for you to learn to use a new tool if you have one already :).

Do you need any mind mapping experience to join?

NO! You can start with zero knowledge and skills. This is a workshop that helps total beginners and also more experienced mind mappers.