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Here’s a special One Time Offer that you will never be made again.

Years ago, people started to ask me if there was a way that they could learn how to mindmap, online.

They didn’t want to spend a full day away from work learning about mind mapping and paying up to 897 EURO! (and I can’t blame them).

So I started to think about this and created the FIRST ONLINE MINDMAP TRAINING.

People loved it!


And you know what they loved most?

The personal attention and advice they received on their questions and mindmaps.

Nowadays there are other online courses. These may cost you up to 247 EURO. That’s a lot of money I think for a home study course based on an e-book and a few video’s.


You can start your online mindmap training today. This training takes 5+ weeks. Together we will go through all the fundamentals and advanced strategies of mind mapping.

Don’t worry, we will take the time for you to really understand every step of the way. Afterall… you are the person who will learn how to apply the mindmaps.

This training will show you exactly:

  • How your brain operates and why mindmaps offer you more insight in information
  • How you can create mindmaps
  • What the best usages of mindmaps are (and when NOT to use them)
  • Besides this, I also give you PERSONAL ADVICE on how to improve your mindmaps. This is not something others can offer. They can’t because it has to be done by a PROFESSIONAL. This is not something which can be automated.
  • Also, you will get answers to the valuable questions other people ask me in special FAQ videos.

The total length of the training is over 5 weeks and you will have access to over 5 hours of VIDEO material, PDF handouts and audio files.

I want you to become a master in USING mind mapping via my online mindmap home study course for a ridiculously low price.

Remember that the regular training courses may cost up to € 897!

This training could easily sell for € 197 (maybe I will even raise the price soon, come to think of it…)

Anyway…, this personal training sells right now for € 97.

I want to offer it to you for only € 197 € 97 € 67

You probably understand that I can’t do this a long time. That’s why you only have a change of getting this training with more than 30% discount right now.

You wonder why I do this???

I want you to succeed in creating more clarity in your life. Hopefully you can give me a good story about the successes you have by mind mapping…

Click on the link below to TAKE ACTION and learn how to USE MINDMAPS today (in stead of just creating mindmaps).



Simply click on the link below to take advantage of this special offer.



P.S.: This is a one time offer. You can always come back later and pay the full price. This special offer is created only for people who are ready to TAKE ACTION and take advantage of mind mapping.

Are you looking for more clarity in your life and information?


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