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the Mind Mapping Made Easy Workshop

setting up everything for our workshop


Great to be doing the workshop “Mind Mapping Made Easy” with you!

During the workshop, we will talk about how you can use mind mapping for your work and/or study. This is the outline of your workshop:

  1. Getting to know each other
  2. Mind mapping theory, what to do (and don’t do)
  3. How to use practical mind mapping for efficiently mind mapping
  4. How to best use mind mapping software
  5. Mind mapping templates to save time
  6. Mind mapping and how this helps you in real life
  7. Additional questions and What’s Next

NOTE: You can (and should) always feel free to ask your questions during the workshop. There is no need to ask them at the end. Also know that the workshop will be recorded. You receive a download link. This means you don’t need to take notes 🙂

After you scheduled the time we meet, and you filled in the questionnaire it is software time.

When the workshop starts, I’ll be online. You can use the link you received after you scheduled to attend the workshop.This is the only thing you have to do on your computer to prepare.

I would like you to install mind mapping software. The software that I normally use (on my Mac) is XMind 8. This tool can be used on a Windows computer, but also on a Mac. The basic version is free to use, unlimited. 

Here is the download link for Xmind 8

After you download the software, double click it to install. This is the tool you and I will be using together. 

I will show you my screen during the workshop. If you can have XMind open, you can work on your end as well. 

By the way… when you like to use another tool, please let me know so I can install that. 

Please take a few minutes to download and install the software.

If you have any additional questions, let me know. 

I look forward to our workshop. 

Let’s make mind mapping a valuable tool you can use to manage your information, and to make your studies and work easier.

Warm regards,


PS: Remember that this workshop is the beginning. You know exactly how to mind map after this workshop. The real fun and benefits will show itself after you start using the tactics and templates. 

Be sure to report back to me whenever you have questions. I really want you to enjoy all the benefits of mind mapping. If that takes longer than 1 hour… I will be here for you.