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The Math Behind Brain-Friendly Studying

Math is something that scares a lot of people. Juggling numbers around can be scary. Still, I would like to do some brain-friendly math with you.

Don’t worry, it will not be difficult.

In fact, this will be the best math you enjoy this week!

The Math Behind Brain-Friendly Studying

There are 5 important equations you should keep in mind when studying or working.

5 Questions That Will Help You Study Better

Below are 5 equations you should understand. They will help you to improve your study efficiency. They will also motivate you on a daily basis.

10×1 > 1×10

10 times studying for 1 hour is better than 1 time 10 hours.

Your brain needs to adjust to new information. After a while, it doesn’t take in new information anymore.

That is why breaks are very good. Quick breaks spread out in your study session help you to re-focus.

Spaced learning is a proven method for improving study productivity.

Do you study for one hour each day? Make sure you don’t do that all in one sitting. Break it up in three times 20 minutes. Your brain will be able to digest the information a lot easier.

(btw… why do you think sitcoms are often 20-25 minutes? This is because the creators of these shows know about your attention span)


When you work on a project, things tend to be easier when you are working with a colleague. When you are hiking, it is easier to continue when you have a partner walking with you.

The same is true for you when you study.

Make sure you study with others. If that is not possible, hire a coach or study buddy, or if that is not possible… us Youtube study session videos.

10 < 10

Are you a perfectionist? Do you get stuck when you try to study because you want to understand everything?

Most of the time perfectionism isn’t your greatest ally.

Perfectionism may even prevent you from taking action in the first place. Don’t let perfectionism be the real reason behind your fear of making mistakes. Mistakes always happen.

The people behind the sticky note were not trying to make a sticky note! They found out about it and saw an opportunity.

Start studying, enjoy what you do, and move away from perfectionism.

Gong for that perfect 10 often gets you a worse result!

1 > 2 > 3

Are you doing one thing or do you take care of many tasks at the same time?

Do one thing. Focus on that one thing. Doing 2 or more tasks at the same time will cost you time and energy!

Imagine you have to do 3 tasks for 3 different projects. Your focus switches from project 1 to project 2, etc.

Each time you have to focus on what you are doing. You keep information on all 3 projects in your mind.

The time to finish one project is 3 times higher than doing one project at a time. It usually takes more time!

Focus on one task, finish that, and save a lot of time!

1,01^365 = 37

The idea behind this idea is so amazing!

What if every day you grow 1%? A mere 1%! You read 10 pages in a book. You learn 10 new words in a foreign language. You write 1000 words. Small changes that make you a little better.

Doing this will not make you 365 x 1% = 365% better over a year.

The growth is huge!

You end up with about 3780%!!!

That is over 10 times better than 365%

The opposite is also true. 0,99 ^ 365 is 0,03. This means that if you are slacking a mere percent per day, you are in a very bad position in a year.

How to use this:

The math ideas above are very powerful. They should be used on a daily basis.

To summarize I would say this:

  • Break up your study session in several shorter time frames
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • Go for small daily improvements
  • Single task
  • Find a study buddy

If you have any questions, let me know. Enjoy your next study session!

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