Are you wasting too much time studying?

Many people are studying to improve their lives. Often this results in (1) wasting a whole lot of time, and (2) giving up before they reach their goal.

If you don't want that, and you want to make studying easier and faster, continue reading...

Here's what studying should be like for you

Imagine sitting down to study. You know exactly what to do. You begin and information flows easily from the book onto your notes and into your head. 

At the end of your 20, 30 or 40 minute study session you feel like you really moved forward. You have a much better understanding of your course material.

With time to spare you can now do other things. You know that you have made progress and during your next session you are again getting closer to passing your exams.  

Here's what I have for you

I want you to pass exams and feel relaxed while studying. You should be able to study while enjoying life (not sacrificing your life just to barely pass exams).

So that is why I want to guide and train you in studying smarter.

During four 30 minute weekly sessions I will help you:

  • create a personal study system 
  • learn how to read faster, take smart notes and memorize much better
  • improve your focus and feel more relaxed

In the first week you immediately receive the system that will help you study smarter. In the 3 weeks after that you will refine, strengthen and expand your skills and strategies. 

The end result is that you will waste less time studying while understanding and memorizing more, without the usual effort and stress.

During our time together, you have unlimited coaching access to me via email. 

When needed, I provide you with additional training using video training or email. So when you need you run into problems with reading or your memory, I will help you with that. 

I will also be your accountability partner. This means that if you say you do something (e.g. study 20 minutes per day) and you don't do that... I will be all over you to ask you about your why and what we will do better next time (of course in a good way 🙂 )


When you feel you want to have your life back, and still pass exams and become a smarter you, take action right now!

Yes, I invest in personal study coaching

I receive 4 weeks of 30 minute personal coaching per week. The goal of this coaching is to create a personal study system that helps me study smarter. I learn how to read faster, take smarter notes and memorize and understand my course materials better.

I also receive unlimited email coaching. This means I can ask anything I like to help me study better.

I have my own personal study accountability partner who will push and guide me.

And if I don't get the value out of this training, I can simply ask for my money back. No questions asked

PS: Make sure you act now since I am doing this on a 1-1 basis. There is only limited me available 🙂

PS: If for some reason you feel I did not help you well enough, let me know and I will refund you your money. We both should be happy about working together.