Study Routine Smart Timing

smart timing: Study while also having a real life

time tactics for busy adult learners

study routine smart timing“I used to summarize my book using Mind Maps. It took me 3 hours to summarize 50 pages of my book. Now, using “Smart Summarizing with Mind Maps”, I can summarize 50 pages of my book in 30 minutes!”

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you will learn to:

  • Manage your studying while having a family and (full-time) job
  • make better use of your time while studying
  • combine study tactics with the right moments during the day to learn faster

You receive:

  • A clear plan to benefit from time-slots during the day to become an efficient learner (PDF document)
  • Email support to help you if you have any questions (as long as you need)
  • Direct access to the manual, no matter if it is 4.10AM

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If you’re studying, you need powerful methods to do this smarter. You need tactics to take notes, read with more focus, and put information in your head and recall it when needed. That’s why I created

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