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Setting Goals At Work

setting goals at workAre you consciously setting goals at work? You may work at a company that tells you to write some sort of personal development plan. And does this work or is it something that is only reviewed when you have these formal get together moment to discuss your work?

I believe setting goals at work will help you to move forward faster and have a much clearer view of who you are (at work), where you are going and what your development will look like. You won’t believe me when I tell you how many people don’t put effort in setting goals…


Setting Goals At Work Is Easy!

I don’t like to make things more difficult than they are. Just follow this outline that we discuss and you have a good understanding of what you want and where you are moving towards.

The first thing you have to do is understand what you like to have or do in one year, three years and five years.

Just create sheet with three columns, one for each period.

Then you let your mind free and see what happens. Add ideas about yourself and your work in each one of the columns.

Make sure you balance the list. Go for 3 to 6 goals in the first column. That will give you two to four months per goal. Is that realistic? Is not, make sure it becomes realistic.

What I like to do with this exercise is create an overview in a mind map. You only have three branches for the three corresponding times. Next to that you add the goals.

Right… step two is…

Well, there actually is not step two in this case. You already did it! You are done setting goals at work.


Setting Goals At Work – The Next Level

When you are really going for this and making it work, you take your mind map and you start to break down your goals in smaller pieces. So you create a couple of sub goals underneath the big goal. What do you need to accomplish to make your big goal a reality? Write them down.

goals at work
Next, you go one level deeper again. You write, if needed, sub-sub-goals.

The final step, after you created sub, sub goals, is that you add tasks. This may be in the third level of you map or even lower. It doesn’t really matter. The only thing you need to understand is that you make each task something that can be done within 30 minutes (preferably 15 minutes).

goals with tasks

This gives you a complete plan of action to achieve your goals. You just have to stick with the plan you just created.

Please Note:

When your one, three, and five years goals are completely different, it may be hard to work on them on a daily basis.

The true beauty starts to show itself when you make your goals grow during these 3 time periods. For example… in my mind maps I first learn languages, then I learn more, and I start training people in language learning.

The tasks the are included in all of this overlap or compliment each other.

So by doing the daily language learning, I can quickly start to write about it on a new blog, teach people language learning tactics, etc. My tasks allow me to move towards my five year goal.

You should be doing the same with your goals.


To Conclude

Setting goals at work is easy. It is the first step that will help you grow faster. Make sure you also work on the deeper levels, and finding the tasks. When that is done, the hard part is over. You only have to follow the path you created to accomplish your goals. (it sounds simple and it often is just that simple…).

Achieving goals is doing the required tasks! Do the task and before you know it, the goal can be achieved.

Enjoy setting goals at work and achieving them! Let me know what happens.

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