Learn Practical and Smart Mind Mapping

In Just One Hour With a Private Coach

Dear Mind Mapper (yes I mean you! 🙂 ),

Are you interested in mind mapping and are you looking for ways to really use mind mapping to your advantage?

If so, this is exactly what you need.

I am opening up a few hours per week to teach and train people in using mind maps. 

No fluff.

No sweet talk.

Just practical methods to create mind maps that help you move forward.

This is not about finding the right color for a branch, or getting a picture in your map at the right size.

This one hour power session is all about making you deal with information for study or work in such a way that you have more understanding, less stress and more time!

It doesn't matter if you are a complete newbie or if you have already mind mapping experience. I will guide you to make better use of your time and information.

In short:

Here are topics we can discuss during our 1 hour session:

  • Learn the basics of mind mapping
  • Improve your current mapping skills
  • How to use mind map software more efficiently and effectively
  • How to create a presentation in mind maps in minutes
  • Outlining a book using a mind map
  • Using a mind map for memory improvement
  • How to outline goals and track them in a map
  • Using a mind map for your planning and productivity

And anything else you would like to talk about!

WHO: complete beginners to experienced mind mappers

WHAT: 1 hour personal 1-1 mind mapping coaching / training session

WHY: You learn how to handle your information and knowledge better to save time, reduce stress and be more productive using mind maps

WHEN: You pick the time, we meet and you benefit

Oh... the investment...

Because I want to make this available to anybody who needs it, I will not charge my normal fee. 

You receive a huge discount and invest only $37 for a 1 HOUR PRIVATE SESSION

Click the button below, pick your date & time, and we'll get started!

To make sure you don't have any risk, you only pay AFTER the session. Also, when you feel you did not benefit, I make sure you don't pay anything. This means there is no risk involved for you 🙂

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