Not Enough Time To Study? 

Not Enough Time To Study? 

Reverse The Way You Study!

We are studying the wrong way around. We go from a bunch of details and have to form understanding and knowledge from all of that. 

This makes us waste time and feel insecure when reading. Reverse the way you study! You will save time, feel more confident, and pass exams.

I will teach you how to study smarter and learn faster. 

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Summarize 50 Pages In 30 Minutes!

(without reading your book)

“I used to summarize my book using Mind Maps. It took me 3 hours to summarize 50 pages of my book. Now, using “Smart Summarizing with Mind Maps”, I can summarize 50 pages of my book in 30 minutes!”

Let’s be honest. Summarizing and studying takes a lot of time. 

If you want to study smarter, save time, and feel more confident when studying, this is the Study Routine you want!

You will not just learn how to summarize 50 pages in 30 minutes without reading your book. It will also tell you what to do with your summary when studying in detail. You learn how to create a summary that gives you clarity and time.

Smart Summarizing with Mind Maps 300

“I love the way that the mind map summarises all of the key points from a text. It is such an easy and efficient way to get an overview of a text. I find it very helpful when I am reading for my degree because it allows me to concentrate on the most important parts.”

If you’re studying, you need powerful methods to do this smarter. You need tactics to take notes, read with more focus, put information in your head, and recall it when needed. That’s why I created