Thank You For Your Purchase

Thank you for your purchase

Let’s me make your mind map digital for you

Thank you for your trust in working with me.

I will make sure your paper mind map is transformed into a digital map. As I told you before, you receive a PDF file, a PNG image, and an editable mind mapping software file. 

Your next step

  • Please take a clear picture of your map
  • Send the picture to me at [email protected]
  • Add any comments about colors, fonts, etc. if you have any preferences (optional)
  • What file format do you want (Mindmanager, Xmind, MindMapper, something else)? (optional)

My Next Step

  • I will start working on your digital map when I receive your information
  • Usually within 12 hours, you receive your mind map

Do you have any questions?

You can reach me using the contact page or by using the email address above.