Mind Maps made digital

let me transform your paper maps to digital maps

Are you a mind mapper who maps on paper? 

Perhaps you created notes from a (study) book.

Did you plan out the next year on a large sheet?

Or is your business plan outlined in a mind map? 

Do you want others to be able to use your map as well?

If so, it would be good to have your paper map transformed in a digital map.

mind maps made digital

What I do for you

I transform your map, including images you have drawn. I add any logo's you send me to the map.

Basically, the map you created on paper will be the one you have on your computer.

You receive a number of different formats. You get a PDF file, PNG image, and of course a file you can use and edit in a mind mapping tool.

The tools I normally use are Xmind, Mindmanager, and MindMapper. If you have a different tool, please let me know so I can see what I can do for you.

After you receive the transformed map, you can tell me if you need any revisions. I will update the map to your liking. 

Here's An Example Of A Transformed map

I received this mind map on paper:

This is the result (I added links to the books):

Transformed digital mind map

You can click on the images to view the full image.

When you are ready to use this service, use the buy button below.

This is how this will work:

  • You take a picture of your mind map
  • You email me the picture, together with any wishes you have regarding color, images, logos, etc.
  • I will transform that map into a digital map. Please make sure I can read the content :)
  • I include as many of the images that you have drawn in your map
  • I save the map in PDF, PNG image, and mind mapping software format. You can choose which tool I should use. 
  • You receive the digital map. If there are things that need to be updated/changed, I will do that for you.

This whole process usually takes less than 12 hours. It is often done within a few hours.

After You Buy Your Mind Map Transformation

  • You receive the payment confirmation from me. 
  • Use that message to email me your picture and add any additional wishes for the map.
  • I will work on the map and send the transformed map within 12 hours.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Here is the link to buy your mind map transformation again.

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