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How Big Is Your Mental Tank?

how big is your mental tankDid you ever hear the story that a turtle grows to a size that is suitable for the tank he/she is in? What this means is that you take the turtle and you put it in a bigger tank, the turtle will grow further. Did you ever read or hear this? What I learned is that it isn’t true. Must be some hoax story…


I do believe it is something that we should be looking at for ourselves as well. We live in our own tank or environment. I definitely believe that we grow to the potential we allow ourselves to grow or that our environment allows us to grow.

You see, most people won’t grow that much. They get hold back by the ideas their parents put in their mind, the friends they have, the study limitations, the money issues they have, and many more factors.

All of this limits people. This is easy to understand I guess. When your parents tell you that you are stupid, and they repeat that over and over again, you start believing it. Or when they tell you that a girl from your neighbourhood will never be someone important, you start to think that it’s true. Very few children are able to resist this. That isn’t that strange of course. Parents are usually the most important people in a child’s life. They learn from their parents.

Many children take the views of their parents and live by them. This could be a political party they favour, the way they think and what they eat, how to treat each other, etc. All of these are things you learn from your parents.

Later on (boy- and girl-) friends influence you the most. I read that you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Is that true for you as well? Want to change your life? Change people or friends. Looking to earn more money? Hang out with wealthy people (duh… it is smarter to hang out with them than waste time with financial losers πŸ™‚ ). Want to improve your memory? Spend time with memory experts and people with excellent brain control.

What do you tell yourself when things are difficult? Or skip difficult… what is your normal self-talk? Is it positive? Is it uplifting? Does it talk you down? This is important stuff! So you better learn to listen to yourself. Your future does depend on it!

Have you heard of the Peter Principle?

This principle states that people get promoted just beyond their ability. Or to say it slightly different… people get promoted to the level of their incompetence. You see this happen a lot in organizations. People need to earn more money, but they need to do a different job then (manage for example). What happens is that this is not what they are good at and they fail.

During my training courses, I often hear from many people being in the same situation. Only a hand full is able to tell me that they took a step back and accepted a job that paid slightly less, but on the upside are able to do the job they like. How very good of them to do this, right?

For most of us, we grow to the size of our limitations. Note that this is all stuff in our mind. Ideas implanted by other people, or by ourselves based on random events we interpreted falsely. Or, and this is even more devastating… ideas that were true when we were young, but now hold no ground what so ever.

What do you think will happen if you change environment?

What happens when you start thinking in possibilities and completely remove the idea of limitations?

What is the result of you knowing you can learn anything you want, become anyone you desire, have everything you need/want?


Let’s make a deal.

Let me know if you are up to making real changes in your life.

From now on you DECIDE you get a bigger mental tank. In fact… your mental tank from now on is without borders. This won’t make you overly confident. It will not make you arrogant. I personally believe that when you shine, you help others do the same (not my words, just my interpretation of Marianne Williamson).

Here’s a really cool inspirational piece that more people should listen to in the morning, while running, when they feel bad… basically every day πŸ™‚ :

I am certain that for every limitation you have in your mind, you can find at least 5 reasons why this isn’t true and why you are able to move beyond what you think/feel/do.

How beautiful or safe it feels in your own mental tank where you take control over your life. But there is so much more outside that tank waiting for you to discover and enjoy it! Sure, there are as always dangers, problems and challenges as well. Still, the reward of growing bigger than you are now is an amazing experience. It is something that you can do at your own pace. No need to rush things. You decide what the size of your mental tank will be.

When you want to have a tank that allows you to speak 5 languages, feel confident where ever you are, enjoy the life you always thought you could live, whatever you want. Go ahead change the tank. Feel free to amaze yourself!

Now let me ask you again…

How Bit Is Your Mental Tank?

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