Create A Personal Study Routine (Training)

Create A Personal Study Routine

stop worrying on what to do next, start focusing on your studies

You Will

  • Identify your needs and options for each study session
  • Create a personal study routine that suits your personal situation
  • Implement your routine to study smarter
  • Understand how you can improve your routine over time even more
  • Learn how to deal with distractions and changes while studying
  • Create routines for different sessions
  • And much, much more!

This is included

  • 30 minutes of personal training (video)
  • Recording of the training for you to download
  • Exercises to find the right routine for the right moment
  • Exercises that will allow you to confidently focus on studying, no longer on what to do when you study!
  • Email support after the training to help you become an even better reader

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If you’re studying, you need powerful methods to do this smarter. You need tactics to take notes, read with more focus, and put information in your head and recall it when needed. That’s why I created

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