Personal Coaching

Your mind maps are not good enough, and that shows in the results you are getting from them!

In all my years of mentoring people in mind mapping I get to see so many people who stop making mind maps. This makes me sad, because they can benefit so much from them.

When I first started out with mind mapping, I was taught the basics... And it did not appeal to me at all!

Only after years of testing, experimenting, failing and trying to make it work I finally created a method that helps people in organizing and overviewing their information.

For the last 15 years I've been helping people in making practical mind maps. For me the simple equation is:

Practical Mind Maps = Less Work + Better Results + More Clarity

Stop Making Mind Maps, Get A Coach!

The moment you start working with a coach, you can improve your skills faster. A mind map coach will help you to create maps that help you feel and be smarter and better in what you do. 

For instance, studying will go faster (just mind mapping your course information may increase your study speed with 25% or more). But also work becomes easier by using maps for planning and outlining your work!

The results are clear and simple:

  • higher productivity
  • less stress
  • better results
  • more overview
  • more personal time

Of course, when you don't get a coach, mind mapping will stay a simple tool that is nice to know and perhaps even fun to do sometimes. The results might be ok. The learning curve to achieve great results is very long. But hey... you might not want the amazing results soon, right 🙂 ?

Let's Talk Business...

Coaching is a system where the coach (me in this case) shares knowledge, insights and advice with a student. That information has value, not just to the coach, but especially to the student. 

Working 1 on 1 has its price. I love doing what I do. I want to make it possible for many people to benefit from what I learned. That is why a single session of 30 minutes is only $97.

Don't feel suspicious because of the very low investment for this. I know it can be a lot higher (I get paid up to $200 per hour for 1-1 coaching). To make sure many people can benefit from it this way, I keep this price low.

There are 3 options for coaching sessions. It only depends on how deep you want to go with your skills and knowledge which package you choose. 

1 x 30 Minutes of Personal Coaching

In this session you will get practical tips and techniques to make you smarter and save time



3 x 30 ?Minutes? of Personal Coaching

In 3 sessions we will dive deep into how you can get more out of your work and studies

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10 x 30 Minutes of Personal Coaching

In 10 sessions we will embark on a journey to make you super productive and more...



My Personal Guarantee: Should you feel you don't benefit from our session, I don't take your money (of course). We both have to feel good about this. 


3 hours of coaching for only E.197

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P.S.: Now that I shared my idea of what I can do for you and what you will invest, it is time for you to take action. Sign up for a session, or send me any and all questions you have about coaching with me. I look forward to hearing from you!