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Brain Friendly Overcoming Procrastination

overcoming procrastinationHere you are reading an article on overcoming procrastination. Great to see you are learning on how to do that. Let me start by asking you a personal question. Is there anything else that would be more productive, more valuable or better for yourself or your family that you could be doing right now?

Painful question, right?

Most people know that there is something they should be doing that would not just improve their lives today, but would also improve their lives from now on. Let’s have a look at procrastination and what my number one tip is for overcoming procrastination.

Overcoming Procrastination, the definitions

Overcoming something is easy, right? You just don’t or just do what you want to do. Anybody can do that, right? But why don’t people do it?

If we would all overcome the thing we don’t like, there would be less problems and much more happiness.

Procrastination is such a thing. You probably know what it is, doing something while there is a thing you should be doing right now. So you should be working on that presentation or write that report. Still, you are drawn to your email, drink something, talk with a co-worker, drink something more, go to the bathroom…

When we would overcome procrastination I believe we would be able to work far less and accomplish a whole lot more.

Think about it. Do you really need to check your email constantly (even in the bathroom…), update your Facebook status, Tweet like a little bird and read the news? Of course not! Even if you are in a service environment, you don’t need to check all of them all the time. You need to work as well! (or is your boss paying you to have a perfect Facebook page?)

Overcoming Procrastination, Here We Go!!!

Once upon a time, there was a person who was able to do all he needed to do and who was happy and free at the end of the day to sleep like a baby and wake up totally relaxed.

That person was you when you were a child. You did not care about knowing everything in the world all the time. You did what you needed to do even without thinking.

You can be like that again (at work, home or any place else). Go back to the essentials. Go back to knowing what is important. Talk with real people in stead of following all their important messages online (“hey check this cat video, I am eating hamburgers, my daily favorite quote is…”). Step away from the noise that is making you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

The moment I started doing that, I learned that there is so much more that IS important and good. No more noise for you as well this way.

Still, stepping away from those really important information feeds is difficult, I understand. So here is my suggestion and the one thing that really helped me stop doing all of that.

Start to schedule the time you procrastinate!

You know what you should do and shouldn’t do, or better said: what you must do and what you do to procrastinate. Go on, make a list of them.

And with that list you know what you should focus on.

Now here’s the big thing that will change your life.

You take two periods of 30 minutes each day from now on. I suggest you do this at the end of the morning and the end of the day.

During those 30 minutes, you take your “procrastination list” and you do all the things you have on that. That’s right, you schedule your procrastination.

Your mind will know that it is something you can do from now on. So just let it go during your normal working hours.

Enjoy the procrastination time you now have. Increase it to two one hour periods if you want. I am sure you will still be more productive when you take two full hours of procrastination at the end of your work.

So that is how overcoming procrastination is really easy. Just be sure that you don’t work during the procrastination time 🙂

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