Your Next Mind Map Idea

mind map ideaIf you are looking for ways to make even better use of your mind mapping software tool then you find your next mind map idea in the overview below. I compiled a list of ideas that you can use for inspiration.

The key thing is to not judge before you tried it at least a couple of times. We all know and recognize so many things… but when it comes to mastering what we know we usually are not that good at it.

So have a look at the list. Pick something that will benefit you and after you used that idea at least 5 to 10 times, move one or add the idea to your toolbox of mapping techniques.

Mind Map Idea 1 To 20, Let’s Go!

  1. Create a presentation for work
  2. Write your notes for your next project in a mind map
  3. Write your goals in a map
  4. Create a journal for remembering what you did
  5. Teach mind mapping to your kids
  6. Create a huge map about everything you know
  7. Map yourself and see what you like (and dislike)
  8. Write important life questions in a map and look at it daily to grow and find answers
  9. Balance your checkbook using 2 maps outlined towards each other
  10. Map out your dream job
  11. Create a map in stead of an article next time
  12. Summarize the book you are reading in a map
  13. Summarize the book you want to write in a map first
  14. What would you like to achieve this year at work?
  15. Create a traditional map on paper with lots of colors and images
  16. Download a mind map software tool and learn how to use that to make maps really fast!
  17. Give a presentation on mind mapping in
  18. Do an interview with a co-worker in mind map format
  19. Create a grocery list plus the preparation of the meal in a map
  20. Plan a party in a map

Your Next Mind Map Idea Waits Below.Here are 20 more

  1. Find out where your family will go on holiday using a map
  2. Let your entire team create maps on what they feel is important and combine these maps
  3. Use an online mind map software tool to find out how that works
  4. Create templates for your 3 most important tasks
  5. Have a look at 20 mind mapping examples using google image search and find out what you like and what you would do differently in their maps and your own
  6. (re-) Read the Tony Buzan mind map book
  7. Write down what makes you stop using mind maps and email me your thoughts
  8. Teach your co-workers how to mind map
  9. Write your next business plan in a mind map
  10. Create an overview of your key business partners
  11. Make a daily schedule using the 80/20 technique and a map
  12. Summarize the next meeting notes in a single map
  13. Hold a business meeting using a projector and a mapping tool
  14. Work together with your colleague on a single map on paper
  15. Work together with your colleague on a single digital map
  16. Take 1 minute to outline the next month in a single map
  17. You have a problem you can’t solve, map it out and find the solution
  18. Create a map for your child on a school topic
  19. Use a flip-over or white board to work on a problem
  20. Let me know what you want to learn to do with mindmaps

Need even more ideas for mind mapping? Let’s continue then…

  1. Be the leader of a brainstorming session on a white board with 4 other people
  2. Let your creative juices flow by creating a map for a client
  3. Present the map you created for a client to him/her\
  4. Create a map on the pros and cons on buying/building/creating something and take that decision
  5. Write at least 50 solutions to a problem in a map and organize them any way you feel is right
  6. Outline a conversation you had with someone to capture the information and the purpose
  7. Create a weekly to-do list
  8. Write a document first in a mind map and then export it
  9. Document your work in a mind map
  10. Share a map you created on your hobbies
  11. Analyze the way you spend your time by capturing what you do in a map
  12. Create your next map using only images
  13. Create your next map using only single words per node
  14. Create a mind mapping resume of yourself and use this next time (be sure to add your picture in the center :) )
  15. Map your perfect YOU and use this to grow on a daily basis
  16. The moment you are overwhelmed, stop and outline what really matters
  17. Do research on any topic and add the information to a map
  18. While on the phone, create a map on that conversation
  19. Tell a story based on the map you create
  20. Create a/any mind map on a daily basis for 10 days to get into the habit of easily making maps.

How To Use These Ideas For A Mind Map

Make sure test at least one of the ideas. Let me know how this went. I am really looking forward to seeing your results and helping you create more clarity in your own life and information.

A small note. Most people look at the list and won’t do any of the things mentioned above. This isn’t strange, it is just the way people are wired.

When you want to grow and move ahead in life, you definitely want to take action and change your habits. You can’t grow unless you change what you are doing right now.

I look forward to seeing you benefit from a mind map idea above.