What Bananas And Mind Maps Have In Common

suspend your disbeliefWhat a wonderful line I think this is: “suspend your disbelief“.

So many people are trapped in their ways of thinking because the once or a number of times found something to be ‘true’. But when you investigate it closely, it isn’t true at all. It was just their mind playing games with them. You see, we humans are wonderful at seeing, understanding, finding relationships between things happening… even when they are not even connected at all.

You surely know about the Pavlov dog experiment. He rang a bell while feeding dogs. After a certain time, the dogs started to produce huge amounts of saliva even when just the bell rang (so without getting food).

We go through life pretty much the same way (sometimes even drooling… :) ).

What we learned is that when certain things happen, we should do X or Y. Why? Because people told us this, or we experienced it.

Suspend Your Disbelief, Here Is The Banana

I heard a wonderful story about a group of monkeys. They were not supposed to touch a tree with a banana in it. Of course the monkeys first tried to get to the banana. But what happened… the tree wasn’t a real tree, but a piece of metal. When they touched it, they would feel a good (un)healthy shock!

After a while all the monkeys knew this (by seeing others get shocked or feeling it themselves).

Then the researchers did something very interesting. They took away one monkey and replaced it with a new (fresh, unconditioned) monkey.

Of course that monkey saw the banana and probably thought the others were fools not to get it. But when he (or she) reached for the tree, the others would stop him. Finally the new monkey would also stop reaching for the banana. Then they would replace another monkey, and another one, until all monkeys had been replaced. No monkey from the original group would be there any more.

The amazing thing that happened was this. Not one monkey had been shocked by the tree. They all heard it from others. Yet no monkey would go and get the banana.

We are all a little like that. We have ideas and relationships in our mind that may be good and true, but often also invalid and blocking us from growing.

One of the things that most people say to me when I tell them we will summarize a complete book, they never read, in under one hour and even feel good about giving a five to ten minute presentation about it is… can’t be done, is impossible, heck no!

And yet, after this workshop, they all see that it is possible.


Because they experienced the impossible.

They now see that it can be done.

This is what I love about what I do. Every time I do this with mind mapping, making people feel more relaxed (or noise free), sky rocket their productivity, or one of the many different topics I work on with them, they get amazed and see there is so much more possible.

My question for you is simple:

What was something in your life that you knew wasn’t true, could not be done, was impossible, yet is now something that helps you live a much richer life?

I look forward to hearing from you. And please understand:

There are many different false relationships in your head. Investigate all ideas you have and test them. You’ll see that you can grow, change and feel better once you did this!