Ultra Fast Mapping Using A Mind Map Template

mind map templateYes, your mind maps can be created and used much faster when you start to use a mind map template. Doing this will help you to organize your thoughts and information faster, increase the overview you want, and make sure you find exactly what you need to find… guaranteed.

Many people are trying to discover the wheel every time they need to create a presentation or plan their project by using a blank sheet of paper. They believe that using a blank sheet some how gives them all the space needed to make a killer overview. But why would you like to do and believe that? Don’t you just want to have an overview that helps you and is created in the least amount of time?

Introducing The Mind Map Template

Well, you can when you use a mind map template. Here’s the easiest way to create a mapping template that helps you to save time and give almost instant overview.

Let’s say you want to deliver a presentation. According to Anthony Robbins you need to use the best tools. Have a look at this video:

He says you need the best tools, you need to model what is successful.

This is what you need to do with your next presentation, not just when delivering it, but starting from the first moment you think about this presentation. You need to model what you know is the best way to present the information, to convince your audience and to captivate them.

Yes, that’s correct, what you need is a mind map template.

Your Mind Map Template Exercise

Here’s a short mind map exercise for you. Have a look at your most successful presentation. Were you using a certain format… perhaps a mind map? Was it the preparation that was making the difference? Can you create a mind map template that shows you what you did so you can not only use it yourself, but also teach it to others?

Ideally, you give the mind mapping template to anybody you know and they are able to create a good and convincing presentation on any topic they want to talk about.

Your presentation map needs to have a couple of standard branches that guide you through the entire process from beginning to the end of the presentation and you getting a standing ovation.

Here’s a short video on principles of effective presentations:

The branches of your map could for instance be:

  • Planning
  • Producing
  • Practicing
  • Presenting

Of course you don’t need to go through the process in a linear format. It probably won’t be the case anyway that you do that.

During the practicing, you might feel you miss certain parts of the content. So you go back, maybe even to your planning stage and you add that additional content.

Even during the presentation stage, where you are actually delivering your presentation, you may find that you missed certain elements. No worries… you did what you had to do and you will adopt to the situation.

Your next presentation will probably be even better because your learn from your mistakes. This new information and insight is something you will add to your template.

Your exercise is to create a mind map that is your blueprint for a successful presentation. You can use the 4 P’s given above to get started fast. Then you add more items to the map and your mind map template is created by and for you.

Your mind map will be using all elements your successful presentation needs. If you feel stuck and you don’t know how to continue with your template, let me know. We work on it together then. Just contact me

Also remember that the map you are working on right now will improve. It evolves and it will be something that is perfect for you to work on and to have success with.

The next time you need to do a presentation, you will be amazed how fast your next presentation will be created, and how much better you are each and every time.

Enjoy creating your mind map template!


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