The Most Important Mind Map Program For Mac List

mind map program for macThe best mind map program for mac users depends on many different factors. Many tools are now available so you can enjoy your mind mapping activities more using your trusty Mac. I’m sure you are quite aware of the growing popularity of mind mapping. It has become a common way to manage your thoughts, ideas and information. The good news is a lot of mind mapping applications for Mac are readily available for you today.

Top Mind Map Program For Mac You Can Use Today

We will discuss below 10 of the top mind map program for mac that is available in the market today.

MIndManager mindmanager

You can avail of mindmanager for quite a high price but it is definitely something that guarantees excellent performance. This mind mapping tool offers a more professional look to your mind maps this is why it is known to be the leading business mind mapping tool in the market today. You can easily add images, hyperlinks and attachments to enhance functionality to your mind map. It also enables you to fully search any of your mind maps and share it with your team especially during brainstorming, meetings, presentations, and even during the critical stages of project management. Try it yourself today

XMind Pro xmind

Cheaper than mindmanager, xmind pro also offers good features to help you work quickly and easily with your mind maps. It is a fully cross-platform solution so you are able to work on Windows, Mac or Linux without much hassle. This is a great solution for those who need to work on a map at different computers. It also supports traditional mind maps, a full screen presentation view, Gantt charting and a lot more.

MindNode mindnode

MindNode is one of the most mac-like applications available today. It is a free and very easy-to-use mind mapping application created with a very simple interface to allow you to create visually appealing mind maps without a fuss. It showcases an improved export dialog that makes it even easier than before to share documents and allows you to a variety of different file formats like PNG, HTML, PDF, and many others. It has updated document file format that ensures all text attributes are retained when exchanging documents with MindNode touch. Also comes in a pro version in a very affordable price.

Curio curio

Another application that seems to be created especially for the OS X platform is Curio. It has a more advanced interface than MindNode so it offers several complex features. This includes a built-in searching of popular image website, encryption, a full screen presentation mode, and many others. It is an excellent tool for brainstorming and project management because it’s innovative freeform interface and tools enables you to intuitively gather, associate, and recall ideas while easily managing all the notes and documents associated with your project. It makes use of idea spaces that serve as your whiteboard, notebook or sketchpad.

MyThoughts mythoughts

MyThoughts lets you create bright and attractive graphic layouts. Although you cannot create the most professional looking mind map with this tool it is one of the most user friendly tools and one of the cheaper ones there is in the market. So you can make unique, meaningful, brain friendly mind maps with the over 3000 images you can use on your maps without having the need to pay a huge price.


iMindMap is endorsed by the father of mind mapping Tony Buzan. It comes in three versions you can choose from. Higher versions of this tool feature improved PDF exports and improved branch ordering. You can now get a clearer PDF version of your mind maps with its more improved PDF image and PDF text document exports and you can do so easily and quickly.

NovaMind novamind

This is the mind mapping application created for people like you who absolutely wants the best. The platinum version comes with the NovaMind Presenter which is a powerful presentation feature that allows you to glide over your Mind Map, zoom into the branches, and give complete and highly professional presentations. It supports multiple mind maps in a single document, advanced hyperlinking, and the ability to create your own templates among other excellent features. Other novamind editions are created for a wide range of users like screenwriters, project planners, business consultants, business people, or the simple mind mapping enthusiasts.

MindView mindview

MindView is the perfect application tool if you prefer using MS Office but it is not so great if you rather go for iWork. It offers good set of features you can use for your mind mapping needs including solid-looking HTML export option and a good time-lining functionality. It is one of the most expensive applications there is in the market today.

ConceptDraw MindMap  

Mainly created for business purposes, conceptdraw mindmap is good for brainstorming, planning, and information management. It is often rated at par with Mindjet MindManager so it cost also fairly high but it offer good features that is worth the price. You can export your maps into a number of popular image file formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG. This tool lets you change map themes easily with a variety of theme options you can choose from. It also offers built-in icons and clip arts you can use in your maps.


FreeMind is an open source mind mapping application written in Java so it basically lets you work in different platforms with ease. It’s for free so you don’t actually have to spend a single cent just to be able to use a good mind mapping tool. The downside however is that its interface lacks polish and doesn’t make use of high quality OS X graphic capabilities.

Which is the Best Mind Map Program for Mac?

There are a lot of options you can choose from when looking for the best mind map program for you. Try to evaluate your options and look into their pros and cons so that in the end you will select the best mind map program for mac that will surely meet your requirements.

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