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Overview And Mental Peace Through Mindmaps

These last couple of months I’ve been studying a lot of people who are teaching and preaching about reducing mind chatter. You may have seen some of the articles I wrote about this on the website. One of the biggest

Not Only A Mindmap Will Give You Instant Solutions To Problems

A couple of weeks ago I read an article on a very interesting topic: creativity and inspiration. The article told me that most people wait to be inspired when they are looking for a solution. Still, this is something that

What Is The Essence?

Some people, when they start to create mindmaps, are making mindmaps they may even use later on. Their main activity is usually creating mindmaps. Do you really think Mr. Tony Buzan had that in mind when he wrote about mind

Show You Are A True Mind Mapper – Review!

YES! It is December already. That means it is International Visual Mapping Month. To give it a good start I would like to ask you somethings first and then give you something. The Questions Since you are probably using a

December is International Visual Mapping Month

I’ve been wondering what time of the year we most enjoy pictures and images that make us feel good and stimulate our ‘visual thinking’. Yes, I know that the summer time is a great time to enjoy but… I think