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Do You Mindmap When You Read?

During the last month, I’ve been taking a speed reading training course from a Dutch speed reader guru. His name is Wout Plevier. Whenever you have the chance of taking one of his training courses… do so! He is a

December is International Visual Mapping Month

I’ve been wondering what time of the year we most enjoy pictures and images that make us feel good and stimulate our ‘visual thinking’. Yes, I know that the summer time is a great time to enjoy but… I think

People only see what they are prepared to see

This quote is from Emerson. Since you and I are into visualizing our information and thoughts, we know this is a very important line. You can only change when you know what isn’t right or what holds you back. But

80/20? More like 95/5!w

I’m sure you heard before of the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule (or principle). This principle tells us that 20% of what we do accounts for 80% of our outcome. This is of course an average number. There are

2 Questions For Making Your Mindmaps And Life More Productive

These last couple of months, I received many mindmaps from people. The interesting question I received from most people is how they could improve their mindmaps. Usually, the mindmaps can be improved easily. You are talking about words and colors