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Reduce Mind Chatter With Mindmaps

One of the most heard questions I receive I am telling people about mindmaps is this one: I understand that mindmaps can help with presentations, notes and meetings. But what does it really do for me? This is a very

Do You Mindmap When You Read?

During the last month, I’ve been taking a speed reading training course from a Dutch speed reader guru. His name is Wout Plevier. Whenever you have the chance of taking one of his training courses… do so! He is a

Why Single Tasking Is So Much More Productive

(or How To Get An Additional 8640 Seconds To Work On Your Future) Often when I look at the name of this website, I remove the word map from it, Mind(s)Unleashed. I believe that is what we are all working

Do You Mindmap In Public?

Have you ever used a mindmap during a sales pitch? Do you show people you meet for the first time your mindmap? Have you used mindmaps in meetings? One of the first things people tell me when they learn about

Enjoy These Last Days Of The Year!

Just read this quote on His Holiness the Dalai Lama his twitter page (how cool is that :)) You have to start giving first and expect absolutely nothing I wish you and your loved ones the best holidays and a