Question: What Are Mindmaps?

I’ve been getting a number of questions lately regarding mindmaps. Many people want to know what they are. After they know that, they want to know what mindmaps can do for them.

For me, mindmaps are tools to get a different perspective on your information. Because you get a different perspective/view on the information, you get new insights and better understanding. For me a mindmap is using words and colors and adds highlights to important information. Most of the time, my mindmaps don’t include images (the map itself is an image after all).

Now here’s my question for you.


I know that for most people a mindmap is not the same as Mr. Tony Buzan says they are. Yet they still work for you, so you are doing a good thing :).

Please answer my question using the comment field below or by emailing me.

I look forward to your answers and to reading your insights.

Talk soon!