Mind Map Management: Breaking The Information Barrier

Today I would like to share with you a short piece of advice on how mind map management helps you to achieve goals.

mind map management


Everybody is a manager of information. Everybody needs to be able to find information back and must be able to use it when needed. For most people, this is not that critical however… except when you are a manager, consultant, executive, or another person who needs to make decisions. This is a piece especially for them.

Mind Map Management Uses

Most managers I know who mind map their information use it for one or more of these things:

  • overview a project on a single sheet
  • outline new projects and tasks in minutes in stead of hours
  • schedule meetings with the push of a button
  • easily prepare for conversations and presentation
  • deliver ideas in a powerful manner

Imagine you can do that as well. How would your world and work change? Would it be so much easier for you? If so, continue reading.

This is what you need to succeed in mind mapping all your business and management related tasks, goals and ideas:

  • A piece of paper + a set of colored pens


You can do this on paper or on your computer. Often it is easier to do this on a computer if you want to share your maps with others and you have to edit them often. On paper it is nice to have them in a notebook and quickly be able to update them when you need, without looking for a network, power or loading software.

How To Do This Right Now, in 3 easy steps

Sit down with your paper or computer tool installed. We are going to crush the information barrier right now. Think of a project or tasks you have to create an overview of. This could be a meeting, presentation, project, anything. Have one? Good, let’s go!

Step 1: Do a 2 minute brainstorm session with yourself or the people around you on this topic. This means, you think of all the goals, tasks, ideas and thought related to your topic or project.

On your computer, add these to the first level of the mindmap. Don’t think about organizing them right now. That is something we will do later. Right now, simply create and capture thoughts.

On paper, put the words or terms you think of in a nice linear format below each other. No need to mindmap now, just create a list of things.

Step 2: Organize your thoughts. Yes, that’s right… now you will put everything in place. Identify related topics and put these all in the location you want them to go. Group them in such a way they will help you achieve what you are working on.

On your computer drag and drop things together. On paper, create a map that shows you a good overview. Now you go beyond the first level in your map.

Step 3: Well, there is only you choosing the one you will be working on and doing just that. Yes, you are using the map now in step 3. No more working on the map. The map becomes your personal assistant giving overview in the task at hand.

When you finish what you did, you can update the map. When you need to do additional things not shown in the map… add them.

This way you will keep a good overview. This way you will never have to make a new mindmap ever again on this topic. Keep it simple, make use of the map.

Mind Map Management Summary

Use the 3 step process to capture thoughts, create overview and use the map. Then, make sure you update the map whenever this is needed. Doing this helps you to spend as little time as possible mind mapping, but the most time working on realizing your goals.

Here is the link again to download the tool I use for mapping out my projects

I am sure you have questions on doing this. What map is good, what is the best way of updating the map on paper, how can I make even more progress using this method, what is the best tool for this… etc.

Let’s put it in bold this time so you are sure you know what to do:

If you have ANY QUESTIONS… CONTACT ME! This could be using email, on Skype, on the phone… I am here for you. I would love to assist you in making full use of your information and never be overwhelmed by it again. My motto is that my mindmaps have to work for me, I don’t want to work on my mindmaps more than I should. This is what I teach others, this is what you need to do with your maps as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mind Map Management, making you a manager who will get the job done!


By the way, if you want to get more overview in your work right now, click here