I was challenged to do the impossible…

That’s right, I was challenged to do the impossible. My friend and mentor Rick and I were having a conversation about mindmaps and how most people use them.

What I see is that many people want to create a good looking mindmap. But as you know by now, I don’t think that is the most important part of mind mapping.

To me, a mindmap needs to create clarity and overview. When my first intention is to create a nice looking map… I start all over again, using a single color :).

I use mindmaps to guide me through the noise in life and keep the distractions away from me, yes… really practical indeed.

[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]The Challenge begins…[/headline_arial_small_left]

Rick asked me if I can create a solution which enables people to remove the noise and discomfort from their lives.

I said YES.

… but… can you do it in such a way that the problem is gone in 7 days or less?

I said YES!

So the challenge began. Rick challenged me to ask the people who read the articles on this website and who receive my email updates to come up with real life situations and pick from that list the most urgent one and the most interesting one.

So now it is up to you…

You can receive this solution for free if your response is chosen.

So right now, describe your area of most noise and discomfort in the box below or email me and I will get back to you!

Talk soon!