How to Map Your Mind, and Remove the Noise

how to map your mind

In todays increasing noise, you need a safe place, a tool which shows you how to map your mind. In this article, you will learn more about that.

Most people are in a state of constant noise or mild shock. They hear things, they see things, but they don’t really see and hear them. They are ‘only’ surviving, not really living.

There are 2 things you can do about that. You can keep yourself in that state, or you can actively take part in reducing or even removing information stress, or you can continue to stare into the speeding headlights that come towards you. What will you do?


How To Map Your Mind, the Beginning (IMPORTANT)

Great to see you continue to reading this article. Make sure you not just read it, but also take action. This is for most of us the difficult part, right? You may already have all the puzzle pieces on how to map your mind. But what stops you from taking the steps to reduce the information or mind chatter by using a mind map?

Daniel Goldstien had a very interesting talk about this on Here’s the video:



He states that we have a future self and a present self. In short, most people have some sort of hedonistic present self who just want to enjoy what they can enjoy. The future self is much more ‘logical’ or┬áreasonable and wants to give the present self a very nice future as well.

When you make sure the future self ‘wins’ the battle of how to map your mind, you are ready to get started.


Map Your Mind In 2 Minutes

take 2 minutes todayThere are many different ways to map your mind. Let’s have a look at a simple way you can do this right now to reduce stress and clear your mind of things you have to do, but not have to remember.

Sit down for 1.5 minutes. Take a piece of paper and 3 pens. Use a black/blue, red and green pen.

Now write in the middle the word: ME (or your name).

Start to add all the things that are active in your mind. Write in the map what you can access all the time when working. For instance, this could be that one book, internet page, or something else that is connected to that soft voice inside your head. You know, the voice that tells you what is good or bad about the topic or idea in your head.

Make sure the 1.5 minutes are only used to identify the voices. Don’t talk with them! You can do that later, now you just capture and add them to the mind map.

1.5 minutes may seem long right now, but you will see that 1.5 minutes is not that long because there are many things creating noise in your head/life.

I would also suggest that you take the trivial stuff or things you like to do later on and put them on your sheet as well. You can choose to create mind map for this, you can create a list of all the things.

The goal is not to make something pretty. The goal is to understand what all the things in your head are talking about while you try to focus.


An Additional Step You Can Take

Take the last 30 seconds if you like, and use these to connect related voices/tasks/noise in the overview with each other. This helps you to see the big noise makers in your life. Are they for instance your work and family life? Or is it perhaps your study that you are working on?

Identify the big noise makers and understand how they affect you. When you know that, you can take targeted action. I am sure you will have a clearer and stress free brain/life.


How to Map Your Mind, Conclusion

Mapping your mind isn’t the hard part. Creating a good overview of what groups are affecting you isn’t that difficult. But… you have to do it. Nope, you can’t outsource it or let someone else do it for you. This is your task and you will benefit from it, when you do it right now.

Stop stalling, take your sheet and pens, and get going! Send me your map if you have any questions or if you feel you need someone to look at your map and help you reduce your mind chatter.

Remember, it is not difficult to understand how to map your mind to reduce a noise free mind, you just have to do it.