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mind map program free downloadAre you searching for a mind map program free download site?

Well I have good news for you! Let’s take a look at some of the mind mapping free program download sites available.

If you are looking for ways to improve your mind maps having useful software tool or program to rely on can make a very huge difference. Yes it’s very beneficial to have a software application to help you make your mind maps faster and simpler. But not all can afford to buy those costly software applications. There are still many who would prefer to use free open source software tools instead of actually paying a price for them.

This is where mind map program free download sites come in really handy. In this article we will take a look at 3 download sites you can visit and download your mind map apps from.

What to Expect from a Mind Map Program Free Download Site

You may be wondering what you can actually get form a download site such as the ones we will be discussing below. Well for one it gives you a list of the free mind mapping programs you can download from their site. At the same time you can view a short editor’s review on the mind mapping program you wish to download. It also shows the editor’s and user’s ratings for the product.

Below are 3 of the free download sites you can get your mind mapping apps from:


CNET is a tech media website that publishes news, articles, blogs, podcasts on technology, and software downloads. According to reviews this is a safe and secure website to download from.

Softonic is a software download portal where you can download not only mind mapping programs but other apps as well. It originated from Spain and was considered to have the most unique visitor traffic in the country.

ZDNet is a business technology news website. It was originally created as a general interest technology portal which later on evolved into an enterprise IT-focused online publication.

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Download sites like the three mentioned above lets you download copies for various mind mapping programs. You can have Edraw Mind Map, MindMapper Professional, Open Mind, iMindMap Basic, Freeplane, so on and so forth.

Because of these download sites you can now gain access to various mind mapping options to help you improve your mind maps. So what are you waiting for get that mind map program free download today!