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Mind Mapping Book Summaries

One of the biggest reasons people start with mind mapping is that they can use it for note taking. This can be the notes you take from meetings, conversations, interviews, or from books. Today we will have a look at

What Are Mind Maps (and how do you benefit)

People who are not really familiar with mind maps ask me this question often: what are mind maps? The beauty is… it is so much for so many people that when you ask different people, you get different answers. Some

Creating Clarity Using Visuals

Creating clarity is not hard. It does take a little bit of time, effort and knowledge. Doing it will make your life a lot easier once you do this. Is is almost like the two men who went into the

Mind Mapped: Michael Norton on Happiness

Should you spend your money on stuff for yourself? How can we feel happier? Is there a relationship between money and happiness? Let’s watch and listen to what Michael Norton has to say about this. As always, the mind map

Mind Mapped: Daniel Pink on Motivation

Have you seen the Daniel Pink on motivation talk? It is really interesting to watch and I thought it would be nice to share with you. Also, I included a mind map of the talk so you can review it