Are There Mind Map Freeware Tools And What Are They?

mind map freewareIf you’re wondering if there are mind map freeware tools you can use when mind mapping then you’re in for a treat! In this article we will discuss some of the mind map freeware application tools available today. Now you can generate, visualize, structure, and classify thoughts and ideas faster and better with the help of these mind mapping software tools.

Why is using a mind map software tool helpful?

A mind map software application makes a huge difference in your mind mapping activities. Using one enables you to create dynamic mind maps. If you don’t know it yet a mind map encourages simplicity. The easy graphical representation allows you to understand information faster and remember things better. With the help of a mind map tool you can optimize the use of your mind map.

Top 5 Mind Map Freeware Tools You Can Use Today

Let us take a look at some of the mind mapping freeware tools available today.

It’s all for free!

Just like this post and get the list of tools you can use to create mind maps for free.


Freemind is an open source mind mapping software written in Java which is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Freemind is easy to use and navigate so it is a very useful tool to help you increase productivity. It’s one-click “fold/unfold” and “follow link” operations makes all the difference.

Below are some of the features of Freemind.

  • Freemind browser/player for web in Java or Flash
  • Folding branches
  • Saves files as XML
  • Export hypertext to HTML and XHTML
  • Export image to PNG, JPEG, SVG
  • Transform maps using XSLT
  • Web and file hyperlinks from nodes


Freeplane is a free and open source software you can use to support thinking, sharing information, and basically get things done at work, school, or home. Also written in Java and is supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Below are some of the features of the recent versions of freeplane:

  • Text processor like node styles
  • Conditional node styles
  • Use of formulas as node text and attributes
  • Create graphical and textual summaries by “bracketing” nodes
  • Enhanced menu and command structure
  • Map templates
  • Formatting panel
  • Hyperlinks for menu items
  • Improved scripting support
  • Add-ons

Edraw Mind Map

Edraw Mind Map is a vector-based freeware with rich examples and templates you can choose from. It is a good tool you can use for creating mind mps, brain storming diagrams, project timeline, life planner, SWOT analysis, flowcharts and sketch maps.

Features include the following:

  • Saves content in XML file format
  • Supports the hyperlink and office export
  • Uses the Windows OS
  • Professional version offers additional templates and examples for more diagram types


Blumind is a lightweight, portable, and powerful mind mapping alternative for Windows. It a very pleasant tool to use when doing your personal brainstorming or organization workflow.

Here are some of its wonderful features you will surely find useful when mind mapping:

  • Supports multiple chart layouts like organization charts, tree diagrams, logic diagrams, etc.
  • Rich with keyboard shortcuts
  • Export to multiple formats like JPG, PNG, SVG, and TXT


XMind is an open source brainstorming and mind mapping software tool you can use for your mind mapping needs. It helps you to capture ideas, organize to various charts, and share them for collaboration. It is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Features of XMind include some of the following:

  • Supports mind maps, fishbone diagrams, tree diagrams, organizational charts, logic charts, and spreadsheets
  • Uses a Mind Toolbox that allows you to identify relationships and make summary of your ideas
  • Import and export mind maps from and to other apps like FreeMind and MindManager
  • Export maps into various formats such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, plain text, and images
  • Online Mind Map Library


More Mind Map Freeware Tools Just For You!

mind map freewareYou don’t have to limit yourself to the mind map freeware tools mentioned above. There are actually more choices just for you! For starter the 5 discussed in this article can extremely help you appreciate mind mapping more.

So take time to explore these choices and decide which one works best for you. You see you don’t really have to spend just to get hold of a mind mapping app. All you need to do is select from among the various mind map freeware tools available today.