A Practical And Easy To Use Mindmap Tip!

This morning I received a message from Jacob Share from JobMob. He showed me a list of 23 very nice mindmap resumes.

Please have a look at his website and be amazed about the creative ideas people show there.

Here is the link:
Mindmap CV examples

If you know of other examples of practical mindmap applications like this (or others), let me know and I will show this to the rest of our community!

2 comments on “A Practical And Easy To Use Mindmap Tip!
  1. Jacob Share says:

    A blog post exhibiting various uses of mindmapping would be very cool, Arjen

    • Arjen says:

      Thanks Jacob, I will write a post on different uses of mind mapping. Since I like to talk about practical applications, my angle will be to show how people benefit from practical mindmap usage and what the best applications are.